The holy grail: a guide to Black Friday shopping

Ariana Santilli, Assistant Features Editor

It’s a hectic, stressful and frightening moment. You have entered the department store on Black Friday. People are frantically searching for the best deals, and the only necessity you need with you is this guide.

Do your research

If you are planning to purchase a big–ticket item, it’s helpful to browse through customer reports and reviews. This will determine whether the product is good enough in quality for the high price tag, and will show you if you can buy a lower cost alternative on a website.

Compare ads before heading out to shop

By browsing through ads and websites, you can discover what the average retail price of an item is. By doing so, you can save money and avoid going to stores where everybody shops.

Early Bird and Night Owl Specials

Many stores offer deals from either 4–11 a.m. or midnight–4 a.m. Whether you like waking up early or staying up late, it is extremely helpful to take advantage of any deal. You will be able to beat the crowds and take advantage of sales.

Get to know store policy

As stores become stricter on return and exchange

policies, knowing what stores to avoid will be very helpful. Most stores now charge restocking fees and close return windows, so customers do not have as much time to return a product.

Bring ads with you

Bring sale ads with you just in case you need to call a store out on their lowest price guarantee. Most stores promise they can beat a lower advertised price, but need printed proof. Don’t let those big stores lie to you and promise a guarantee they can’t accomplish.

Online Offers    

For a great deal on electronics, is the place to go. For example, is selling the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet down from $999.99 to $460. It is also selling the XP 12 Dell touchscreen ultra book for $627.52. is offering up to 60 percent off electronics and 80 percent off jewelry. Make sure to check out for a variety of products.

In–store Steals

Macy’s has sales on clothing, jewelry and kitchen appliances. Make sure to go early, and head straight for the department you are most interested in.

Target has a huge selection of gifts to choose from. They include: a great offer on boots, buy one get one 50 percent off and winter coats and sweaters are deducted 20 percent.

Be safe out there shoppers, this is your moment, your time. Don’t let anything stop you from a spectacular bargain hunt.