Woodfield welcomes on–the–rise clothing store Tilly’s to its mall family


Payton Lira

“Tilly’s” located at Woodfield Mall.

Payton Lira, Co-News Editor

Walking into Tilly’s, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. From the outside, “Tilly’s” is written across the door frame in large, fluorescent white letters, advertising a jacket sale and a rack of “skater” shoes in front. Their website advertises  “surf and skate” clothing.

Tilly’s is located in Woodfield Mall on the upper level of the JCPenney wing near Pandora. The store opened Aug. 30.

At first glance, I noticed that the store is split into halves; the left side has a beachy, Cali–esque feel designated for the ladies, and the right side has an edgy, skater feel for the gents. The store targets teenagers and young adults who enjoy wearing west–coast–inspired clothing.

On the girls’ side, one can find oversized sweaters, leather jackets, undergarments, shoes, printed leggings and more. For guys, Tilly’s carries products from brands such as Hurley, Skullcandy, Converse, Adidas, Billabong and Diamond Supply Co. in addition to several other name brands.

One wall to the right of the entrance is entirely filled with purses of various shapes, sizes and colors. The wall directly across from it is covered with snapbacks that feature different colors and sayings.

Browsing through the store, I noticed that, while the clothes were slightly more expensive than Forever 21, the prices were not nearly as high as Pacsun’s. In addition, the quality of the clothing seemed decent for the price to pay. According to the  manager at the time, the average product at Tilly’s has a range from about $15–$50.

I decided to purchase a red–and–black flannel that was priced around $27. However, I was able to find a coupon on Retailmenot.com for 20 percent off, making the actual cost around $23.

The shirt, while slightly pricey, is comfortable and of high quality material. However, when I arrived home and tried to fold the shirt to put it away, two buttons popped off. I had to sew those buttons back on which was a waste of my time. After spending over $20 on a shirt, I feel like the buttons should be guaranteed to stay on.

With all that in mind, I enjoyed shopping at Tilly’s. The salespeople were friendly and helpful. Tilly’s carries a variety of sizes and styles and the products are reasonably priced. Although my experience with the quality, specifically the buttons, was lacking, the material itself seemed reliable and long–lasting.

I have a feeling Tilly’s will make its way and become a “big brand” name like Forever 21 or Aeropostale. My closet should expect to see more clothes with the Tilly’s label in the near future.