Yoga pants are here to stay


Some schools have begun to ban yoga pants, on account of them being “too distracting.” However, D214 and D25 need not worry. Yoga pants are here to stay. Or rather, they were never in danger of being banned.

Some rumors had been circulating about a potential ban on yoga pants at Thomas Middle School.

“I’m not quite sure how the rumor got started,” Assistant Principal Jerome Green said. “ How I believe the rumor could have started is that a student showed up with yoga pants that offended a teacher, and he or she was asked to change. It is not confirmed if this event actually occurred somehow this rumor started circling through the seventh grade.”

After talking to Green, he made it very clear that there is no policy against yoga pants at Thomas.

“I’ve never heard that Thomas was considering banning them,” Green said. “We can ask students to not wear certain clothes. I have not personally asked anyone not to wear yoga pants to school.”

In fact, in the Thomas School handbook yoga pants are not one of the banned items mentioned. Some forbidden items include clothing that reflects gang membership, gang activity or gang affiliation. Clothing such as halter tops, tube tops, sleeveless undershirts, strapless tops and low-cut tops are prohibited.

That being said, the only real limit on yoga pants is if they become faded and undergarments can be see. Then that is an issue of violating dress code. In that case, the student violating the code will be held responsible.

Similarly to Thomas, BG has imposed bans on articles of clothing that reflect gang membership, hats, halter tops, sleeveless tops and underwear worn on the outside of clothes.

“The main concern we have as educators is that students have a positive environment,” Kolodziej  said. “If yoga pants disrupt the learning environment, then there is a problem.”

BG has no set dress code policy that prohibits the wearing of yoga pants. Again, comes the issue in which yoga pants are faded showing undergarments which creates a problem.

“I have no personal problem with yoga pants,” Kolodziej said. “If one student shows up and their yogas are faded, then we deal with that person and their specific issue. Usually they will have to change to be dress code abiding.”

Students at BG beg to differ about whether or not yogas can be a distraction. Junior Margaret Wieland wears yoga pants to school about three times a week.

“I don’t think the school should be able to put a ban on yoga pants,” Wieland said. “Girls shouldn’t be told how to dress just because guys might find it distracting.”

According to Wieland, wearing yoga pants to school looks nicer than showing up in sweatpants and they are more comfortable than jeans.

“I wear yoga pants for myself,” Wieland said. “Not for any guys.”

Overall, there’s no need to sound the alarm or start a protest for the right to bear yoga pants. Yoga pants are staying, staying, staying.