iPic Theaters offers extravagant atmosphere for movie–goers


Kate Schneider

iPic Theaters in Barrington offers an extravagant cinematic experience for all movie–goers featuring decadent deserts and meals along with luxuy seating.

Kate Schneider , Editor-in-Chief

Rating: 4/5 Stars

For many high schoolers, the movie theater isn’t necessarily the most popular hangout. With Netflix and illegal pirating websites at our disposal, it can be difficult to justify paying $12 to see a movie that you can easily stream for free. Even crazier? Spending $100 at a movie theater.

Located at The Arboretum shopping complex in South Barrington, iPic Theaters offers luxury for those who want to be spoiled while movie–watching. I made the 30 minute trek out to Barrington on a Monday night with my friend. Shockingly, the theater wasn’t very crowded, seeing as there were only a handful of people in our auditorium. When we walked into the theater, we were greeted by fireplaces, bar stools, velvet couches and pool tables. The pristine, cozy atmosphere reminded me more of a five–star hotel than an AMC.

Buying tickets was the first big decision we had to make. The theater offers two choices: Premium Seating and Premium Plus Seating, costing $17.50 and $25.00 respectively. Premium Seating includes large leather chairs, but for the additional $7.50 you can indulge yourself with blankets, a pillow, free popcorn, fully–reclining chairs and food and beverage service. Deciding to go for the full experience, my friend and I dropped $50 for tickets to see the 7:45p.m. production of “The Wedding Ringer.”

Even though we were dropping big bucks, we still had to sit through grueling commercials, but at least we were pampered. My friend and I were led by an usher to our reserved lounge chairs, which were in pairs of two. When I first saw the pillow and blanket, my slight case of germaphobia kicked in. Seeing the concern on my face, the usher kindly assured me they were washed after every movie. Worries aside, I sat back, relaxed and scanned the seemingly never–ending menu.

Like any nice restaurant, none of the prices dipped below $9. They offered appetizers, flatbreads, sandwiches and quesadillas. We ordered a BBQ Chicken Flatbread ($14.00) and a Grilled Cheese Panini ($13.00). This was a huge mistake. About fifteen minutes into the movie, we were brought a huge tray of food. We definitely could have split one meal. With the large portions came decadent flavors. The chicken on the flatbread tasted fresh and the sauce was sweet. Throughout the film, our drinks were constantly refilled and we were offered free bags of popcorn numerous times.

We over–ordered a second time when getting dessert. A Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich ($10.00) and a Cheesecake Brulee ($9.00) were definitely too much, but delicious nonetheless. However, next time I go, I will consider just coming for dessert and sharing.

Although the movie was only subpar, the overall experience at the theater was wonderful. My only criticism is that the prices were quite the turn–off. Teenagers are not the target demographic for this luxurious theater, it is far more suitable for an older crowd. Our overall check came out to $110, a combination of tickets and food. Unless you are making $20 an hour at your part–time job or borrowing mommy or daddy’s credit card, I would not advise making the trip out to Barrington. Maybe it is just me being stingy, but I would much rather rent a movie on On Demand and buy some ice cream, for a cozy experience at only a tenth of the price.

iPic Theater is a place I would recommend for special occasions, birthdays or fancy date nights. The friendly staff, delicious food and relaxing environment makes for a wonderful night of pampering and entertainment. Even though I left with a much lighter wallet than when I came in, I would definitely pick iPic again, but after I make some money babysitting.