Sophomore Collin Dekorsi wins All-Conference in basketball

Erik Hernandez, Copy Editor

Close to all members of an extracurricular activity or sports team dream of accomplishing great things, whether as a team or as an individual. Recently, sophomore Collin Dekorsi was won the Mid-East Suburban League All-Conference basketball player, making him one of the youngest players in BG to be awarded this prestigious award. On Feb. 24, Dekorsi earned 30 points for BG against Prospect, and, as a sophomore, is one of the biggest contributors to the team.

“He’s been our best scorer,” coach Keith Peterson said. “We usually put him to guard the best guy on the other team. He has been a great floor commander and point guard.”

Every year, all MSL coaches submit a list of players who, in their eyes, represent both their school and team in a positive manner. Dekorsi was one of the students submitted, which surprised many, seeing that he is only a sophomore. According to Peterson, the main reason Dekorsi’s name was in the running is his outstanding work ethic. Since it was his first year on Varsity, Dekorsi had big shoes to fill but has been handling it well.

“He’s even improved since the start of the season,” Peterson said. “The games

are a lot faster and he’s done a good job catching up to the speed of the game.”

Dekorsi’s teammates agree with Peterson’s evaluation of the athlete’s talent and contributions to the team.

“He’s been a really hard worker who’s not complacent with just being a ‘good’ basketball player,” senior Ryan Williams said. “He’s improved in all aspects he’s been able to.”

Peterson firmly believes Dekorsi is like a sponge, absorbing all valuable information that relates to basketball without question. Peterson also hopes that, due to Dekori, next year will be prosperous for the team. Dekorsi, likewise, shares a dream of accomplishing various achievements next year with a new team.

“I don’t think our record reflected our team correctly,” Dekorsi said. “Next year we want to encourage the younger kids to get into the game. We’re going to have a different playing style and we’re going to have a younger team.”

Dekorsi cites that his biggest challenge this year is the fact that all of his opponents are taller than him. Dekorsi aims at doing great things regardless of this challenge and applying himself as a point guard. More so as a sophomore, Dekorsi is endeavored with the large task of being responsible and committed when it comes to his position on the court.

“I always try to be the first in sprints and encourage the team,” Dekorsi said. “Hopefully, I win All-Conference again and have a winning record next season.