Penny–pincher Prom: Ways to save on dance necessities

Ana Uribe, Executive Opinion Editor

There’s nothing better than walking into Prom looking like perfection. Unfortunately, perfection is a status that can leave our wallets sad and empty. When it comes to preparing for Prom, there are cheaper, more original ways to look your best.

The Dress: one of the most expensive and exhausting parts of prom is finding the perfect dress. Some can cost more than $500, only to be worn once. When one finds the perfect dress, it is not guaranteed to come in the right size or color.

A cheaper and lesser known option would be to have your local tailor create your dream dress for around $100. When you buy a dress there may be a part you don’t like, but taking it to a tailor could ensure every detail is perfect.

One just has to get the fabric and the pattern. Another option is to start researching websites that sell cheap prom dresses such as organizes their dresses into price and style categories. It’s also important to remember to read the reviews online to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for.

The Jewelry: Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend, but nowadays DIY is becoming increasingly popular. When it comes to jewelry, sometimes less is more. Hunting on Pinterest for jewelry inspiration and a quick trip to JoAnn’s could save someone at least $40 on jewelry. If doing it yourself isn’t for you, ordering through an Etsy store could also give you more for less. Etsy jewelry is mostly homemade and can sometimes be customized. Another jewelry trend that is becoming increasingly popular is vintage. Ask your relatives to look at what lies in their jewelry box: you never know when you’re going to come across something perfect.

The Hair, Nails and Makeup: While going to a salon may seem like the perfect option, it could easily cost $140 per person. The great thing about hair, nails and make–up is that one could easily work with them at home. Invite your friends over and take time to help each other. When you share nail polish, straighteners and make–up with friends, it’s cheaper and will create a more memorable time than sitting in a chair for three hours waiting to spend hard–earned money.

Sometimes a fancy hair style isn’t really needed. Sometimes you just need a really nice hair accessory, which you can find at any accessory store. If you had your heart set out on a salon, then fret not, you too can save. Coca-Cola lets their consumers turn in their points found on the caps of bottles to their website. The points can get you gift certificates to buy jewelry, shoes or beauty salons appointments, just visit Some people make appointments at their local cosmetology school with students who know what they’re doing and need practice anyway.