Senior Madeline Callahan nominated for Athlete of the Month by the Chicago Tribune


Payton Lira, Co-News Editor

Each month, the Chicago Tribune hosts an Athlete of the Month contest in which anyone can nominate a student athlete from the suburbs. For the month of March, the two finalists are Haley Gorecki, a senior at Fremd High School, and BG’s own, senior Madeline Callahan. The Charger sat down with Callahan to discuss her basketball career and future plans.

1) How long have you been playing basketball?

I’ve been playing basketball since I was 6 years old, so about 12 years.


2) Are you planning on playing in college?

No, I want to solely focus on school and have a normal college experience.


3) Where are you planning on going to college/ what is your intended major?

I’m still deciding between U of I and Purdue for chemical engineering.


4) What do you like about the sport?

I like the competitiveness; there is nothing I love more than winning. I think basketball is also a great outlet for stress. I love going out on the court, forgetting all my problems and just thinking about winning with my team.


5) How did you get nominated for the athlete of the month?

Anyone could have nominated me, but I don’t know who it was.


6) Why do you deserve to be Athlete of the Month?

I think I deserve Athlete of the Month because I persevered through many injuries. I played my whole senior season with a torn ACL and a tear in my meniscus. I was one of the top scorers on my team and helped my team win a second regional championship.


7) What position do you play?

I play forward and guard.


8) What are you looking forward to in the upcoming months?

I hope to recover from my surgery quickly, and I’m looking forward to Prom and Graduation.

To vote for Maddy, click on the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page to cast your vote;

. Voting will close at noon on March 24.