Orchesis closes the show at State with hip–hop routine

Kelly Fisher, Staff Writer

This years Orchesis took the stage at State closing the show. The State experience for Orchesis is not like many others. They auditioned along with 25 other schools in the area to be in a showcase rather than a competition.  Each member that participated at State had to attend three hour practices every day after school, adding up to about 80 practices. This year, State took place at Stevenson High School.

The Orchesis team auditioned with a style that has not recently been featured in the showcase.  Which, according to senior Teagan Nelson, was a risky, but ultimately smart move. This is the first time in five years that a hip–hop dance was featured at State. 

Head coach of Orchesis Michelle Carrison was very proud of her team and their progress.

“I’m always proud every year because I see them come in at one level and over the course of the year everybody always improves somewhere,” Carrison said.  “Then if they are in the program for four years I always see a difference from their freshman year to their senior year so I’m always just excited to see that in the students.”

According to freshman Kathleen Oku the experience as a new member has been extremely positive.  She was excited to watch her teammates showcase their talents at the State event.

“I was really excited for them,” Oku said. “Everyone in the dance had worked so hard, and the whole team is here to support them. They deserve it.” 

According to Carrison, each year there is no set number of dancers they are looking for and anyone is welcome to audition. Carrison ultimately aims to find dancers who exhibit proper technique and skills.

“There isn’t a set number of dancers, it depends on the amount of people that fit the movement quality of the group,” Carrison said. “Some years we are more technical and some years we’re more hip–hop.”

According to Nelson the team thoroughly enjoyed being the closer for the State showcase and  representing the school.

“I have never had the chance to be on the stage in the past four years on this team, however it was such a great experience.” Nelson said.  “I’ll never forget it.”