A recap of Mr. Wardle’s first year as principal

Mary Nowlan, Staff Writer

The 2014–2015 school year brought many new changes to BG, including a pool, a new hashtag and a new principal. Our new principal, Jeff Wardle has brought changes to the students and the school.

Even though being the new principal on the block can be overwhelming, Wardle, said he has had a good experience so far.

“I really enjoyed my first year as principal,” Wardle said. “The students here are amazing and they really included me in so many aspects of the school.  I love leadership, and am honored to be leading this school.”

According to Associate Principal Robert Hartwig, Wardle has the ability to connect with students. Hartwig also believes that Wardle has recreated different parts of the school for the better. Seemingly never ending opportunities for active involvement keep Wardle busy and even challenged him at times.

This year, Wardle moved some picnic tables out into the courtyard for students to eat at during lunch, or  to go to during study hall. He also redesigned the Entrepreneurship [business] rooms as well.

Although there were many changes this year, both Wardle and former BG principal Carol Burlinski share many characteristics. Senior Julie Jambrone knew both former and current principal, Wardle and Burlinski.

“They are both super nice, involved, caring and supportive,” Jambrone said.

According to Wardle, everyone learns something from experiences they have at school—even the adults who work there. This year Wardle has learned a lot about himself and what it’s like to be a leader.

“I’ve learned how important it is to be a team.” Wardle said. “Each of us [the staff] has a unique and special strength, and we will not be the team we want to be unless each one contributes his or her part.”

Even though there have been  changes to BG this year, Wardle will still work to make BG the best it can be in the upcoming years as principal.

“I’m always looking at ways to improve our school,” Wardle said.  “There are so many aspects of a school building, and I am never one to rest on the ‘status quo’, so while we have much to be proud of, there is always room to improve and be the best.”