Behind the sliding glass window: A look into the life of Tammy and Doris

Payton Lira, Editor-in-Chief

BG has an abundance of helpful administrator and staff members that students can turn to. However, two people in the building really stand out to students. Those two women can be found behind the sliding glass window in the attendance office.

Doris Ortiz and Tameron [Tammy] Pozniak have worked in the attendance office for the last 13 and 14 years, respectively. Their jobs consist of answering phone calls from parents, handling the daily attendance and checking students in and out of the building. But Ortiz and Pozniak go above and beyond what their basic job descriptions are.

Senior Colin Wisnewski has known the two since he was a freshman. Wisnewski typically stops by the office each morning to stop and talk to the two ladies.

“They’re honestly the best people you’ll find in the school,” Wisnewski said. “They’re the type of people who can always brighten your day.”

Ortiz and Pozniak almost didn’t end up at BG. Pozniak worked as an operation bank officer in personal banking for 17 and a half years. Her job included managing teller lines and opening new accounts. Ortiz worked for CEDA Northwest, a social service agency, as a special events coordinator. Ortiz organized fundraising events like golf outings and cook–offs to help middle class families that didn’t qualify for financial help. 

“I was looking for a job that would allow me to have the same schedule as my children,” Ortiz said. “I needed a full time job because at the time I was a single parent trying to support two kids.”

Pozniak was also on the quest for a new job. After 9/11, Pozniak was let go from her job and she decided to apply at BG.

“If I could be anywhere right now, I’d be in Florida,” Pozniak said. “I’m totally kidding; I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I am a firm believer in the idea that ‘when one door closes, another door opens.’ And when I lost my job, I found this one and there’s no where I would rather be.”

Although they enjoy many aspects of their jobs, Ortiz and Pozniak say that the best part of working at BG is the students.

“If it weren’t for the students, I wouldn’t have my job,” Pozniak said. “The job may be the same thing everyday, but it’s a different day with the kids. There’s never a dull moment in here. We create relationships with students and parents from freshman through senior year.”

Senior Anastasia Otiakovs’ka said she is grateful for both Ortiz and Pozniak for their ability to connect to students and for their understanding.

“Tammy is the reason I am going to walk across the stage [at graduation],” Otiakovs’ka said. “At first, I only wanted to just pick up my diploma, but Tammy had a long conversation with me about it and I changed my mind.”

Wisnewski is also grateful for the kindness the two have shown him over the years. He feels a special bond to both staff members.

“They’re like my second mothers,” Wisnewski said. “I know they will always be here for me no matter what without any judgement.”