Five ways to make school day more enjoyable


Christina Harisiadis

Two students happily converse with each other in the hallway.

Christina Harisiadis, Assistant Features Editor

High school isn’t easy. Having three tests in one day is enough to make anyone feel anxious and troubled. These are a few tips that can make sitting through an infinite load of notes and diabolical tests and quizzes.

  1. Pack yourself a rad lunch.

One of the most anticipated periods is lunch. Packing yourself an amazing lunch can be the motivation you need to power through seemingly dull periods. In fact, people are more able to concentrate in the periods after lunch because of the focus acquired through digestion of food. Packing yourself your favorite dessert or maybe the sandwich that is to die for can satisfy more than an empty stomach.

  1. Wear clothes that make you feel great.

Making it through eight classes for a cumulative seven and a half hours can be wretched when you are wearing clothing that makes you feel like a slug; but wearing clothes that you like can be an added bonus to a drab day. Before you go to sleep think about what the weather is going to be like or what you feel like wearing and lay out your outfit so you know what to wear the next day. Planning out what you are going to wear and liking what you are wearing helps minimize morning mishaps and can put an extra pep in your step.

“Basically, when you wear what you want, you’re convincing yourself that you know what you’re doing with your life and you feel better about yourself,” junior Allison Schultz said.

  1. Smile.

Displaying your pearly whites is the perfect way to brighten up everyone’s day. A single smile can start a chain reaction. If you smile at a stranger in the hallway, maybe the next time that person sees a stranger in the hallway they will pay it forward and smile. Sometimes, just seeing someone elated can make you feel better. So don’t be afraid to bare it all and crack a smile.

  1. Make a checklist.

Having three to four tests on the same date can make your feel anxiety filled and make it extra difficult to focus in class. In this event, try making a checklist. A checklist allows you to visualize the tasks you need to accomplish and can help you feel less stressed when you are able to cross those tasks off. If you have several tests, crossing them off of a checklist lets you know that you are closer to being finished. For that class period where time stands still, checklists make the rest of your day seem like a breeze.

  1. Meet up with friends between class periods.

The current scheduling that our school has  creates the potential to cause a buildup of stress or can make some students feel like school is an unpleasant environment. Meeting up with your friends during passing periods can help take this feeling of discontent away from the school environment. Talking with friends between classes allows you to vent your feelings, and it lets you start out fresh for your next class.

“When I walk with my friends during passing periods we always share funny stories and it puts me in better mood for my next class and helps me relax,” junior Makayla Garcia said.