Turnabout makes comeback as non-exclusive dance


Photo courtesy of Francesca Pecoraro

The flyer for the turnabout dance.

Michelle Raytman , editor-in-chief

After two years without a Turnabout dance, the BG sophomore Class Board and Blue Crew have decided to work together and bring back Turnabout this year on Feb.27.

“Last year the freshmen class board, now the sophomores, really wanted to bring Turnabout back because they heard that we hadn’t had it in a few years and they felt it was the right time,” sophomore Class Board sponsor Francesca Pecoraro said. “Blue Crew also really wanted to get involved, so we decided to work together and bring all the grade levels together in order to plan for the event.”

Typically, a Turnabout dance is when a girl asks a guy to the school dance. This year, however, the committee that is planning the Turnabout dance is encouraging students to go with or without a date.

“The tradition of ‘Turnabout’ has always been to have the girls ask the boys,” Blue Crew member Miranda Greene said. “It gives the girls an opportunity to get creative and step outside their comfort zone, while giving the guys a break. However, this doesn’t mean you need a date to go. Turnabout is for everyone, and if you don’t have a date or don’t feel comfortable asking someone, it doesn’t matter.”

Turnabout was originally cancelled in the 2014 school year when it was renamed “The Winter Ball” and student sales for tickets plummeted. This year’s planning committee for Turnabout hopes to improve sales and ensure that the dance will go back to being a BG tradition.

“The week before tickets go on sale there will be a discount on the tickets for people that get them a little earlier in the cafeteria,” sophomore Class Board Vice President Shannon Brennan said. “In order to get more people aware of the dance, we are going to put it on social media and we made really cool posters to put up around the school. We also hope sales will improve by promoting the idea that people don’t have to go with dates.”

There will be a spirit week the week before the dance and the theme of the dance will be “A Night in Paradise.” Each spirit weekday is based on the theme and is described as each student’s personal ‘paradise’. Each day relates to different holidays and the last day is a Hawaiian/paradise theme.

The Turnabout committee has also taken feedback from students regarding previous dances and is hiring the DJ that played at the BG Homecoming dance a couple of years ago. At the dance there will be snacks provided and a photo booth.

“I think it [Turnabout] is new and exciting for our freshmen and sophomores, and it is something to look forward to for those that have already experienced it,” Pecoraro said. “I want to really emphasize that it is open to all groups of people that are interested in coming.”