Turnabout turns Around Traditions of high school dances

Ginia Cottingham, entertainment editor

The overall theme for this year’s dance was “Turn Back the Clock”. Prior to the dance was a week of Spirit Days. Monday was a day off followed by Tuesday’s pajama day. Wednesday was 50s-60s-70s, Thursday 80s-90s-and 2000s hence the overall theme being “Turn Back the Clock.” Friday was a spirit day which consisted of wearing BG spirit wear.

While many know about Turnabout and the decade themed dress up week that went along with it , few know about the planning and people behind it. Sophomore Class Board and Blue Crew have planned this dance since it was brought back to BG three years ago.

“This discussion includes the theme of the dance and the themes during the week between Blue Crew and Sophomore class board,” Justiniano said.

Once the overall dance theme has been determined, the members then determine the daily themes for the week prior to the week of the dance. Every member of both programs participate in the brainstorming of ideas.

“I had no idea that Turnabout was a sophomore student run event, I thought it had more to do with the teachers and staff,” sophomore Diana Marquez said.

Turnabout week did have a day off due to Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. This was  a very similar circumstance to homecoming week this year, where there was a day off due to Rosh Hashanah.Turnabout is unique, however, since the role of girls and boys in a more traditional dance like Homecoming and Prom are switched, hence the name.

“Turnabout was very similar to Homecoming there was a candy and drink bar plus a photo booth, turnabout is a night you can express yourself and dance to music with friends,” sophomore class president Marcin Czaplinski said.

According to Justiniano, the dance gives everyone an opportunity to go out and have an amazing time with their friends and dance. Although students are the ones buying tickets and participating on this night, teaches are also equally estatic for this week of fun dress up days that the teachers can also take part in.

Early bird prices were held the week before spirit week, single tickets were $12 and couple tickets $24. The beginning of Spirit week students saw prices go back to normal, with  single tickets being sold for $17 and couple tickets sold for $34. A lot of students brought friends that don’t attend BG, so there was a process to buy a tickets for them. This involves the submission of a guest form with both dean and parents signature. According to Czaplinski on Jan. 20 tickets were sold at the door by Justiniano prices will change single to $20 and couple to $40.  

“Turnabout to me was an amazing night where I let loose of a lot of stress,” Marquez said.