Best fonts to use when writing an essay for English class

Phoebe Rusch

At BG, writing essays is a common thing, let’s be honest. From writing it on paper and pen, to using Google Docs, either way, you have a paper that might have to be turned in tomorrow. With writing so many documents, it is finally time to talk about the fonts. 

Fonts help with how an essay may look, such as the way that the font is designed. You can change how the font is sized, whether it is bolded or not. You can even change the color. All in all, fonts help how your essay that is due next Friday looks. 

Starting off with the most common font is Arial. Arial is a pretty popular font to use, as teachers normally recommend it, and it helps make your essay look professional and is easy to read. 

“Make sure to use the Arial font, sized 11 or 12 in your papers,” senior Ari All said. “I can already hear your teachers telling you to do this.”

Yet, if you want to be rebellious and change it up a little, another professional font is Times New Roman. Times New Roman has more style than just plain old Arial. The font itself is very small though, so you would probably have to up the size a bit. Otherwise, this is a good font to use if you want a little more jazz in the look of your paper. 

I just wish that students used Times New Roman more,” senior Taims Nyu Romanne said. “I am better than Arial, I deserve the same respect as Arial and I want teachers to look at me and go ‘wow, that student used a really pretty font.

According to Arial, other great fonts to use are Georgia, Lora and Roboto. They provide the same feel and look as Arial. Fonts that are similar to Times New Roman are EB Garamond, Playfair Display and Spectral.

“Never pick a font that has too much cursive,” Arial said. “The teachers won’t be able to read it and even if that isn’t your goal, you will get an F and your parents will be mad at you.”

The only downside is that you can’t use a font when writing on paper. According to Times New Roman, the process will take too long to copy each and every letter and you will only end up with 15 minutes until the essay is due.

In general, you should probably stop reading this article and start writing your essay. You have plenty of font options to choose from, so don’t spend too much time picking one.

If Times New Roman doesn’t think it doesn’t get enough love, it’s false, ” freshman Comic Sans said. “I’m laughed at and people think I’m ugly.”