New BGN (Buffalo Grove Network) Expands Multimedia Communications Platform to unify different branches of media.


Zoey Heinrich, Editor-in-chief

Following the development of a new Multimedia Communications Pathway, students within the new Publications class at Buffalo Grove High School developed BGN (Buffalo Grove Network) as a brand new platform to house all of the different BGHS publications.

The Multimedia Communications Pathway is an opportunity for students to explore a broad range of multimedia communication elements including print, podcasting, streaming, photography, broadcast journalism, layout design, social media, and the law and ethics of mass media. Students continue to develop and build upon skills to then create and refine various modes of production. 

Buffalo Grove Network will unify all different branches of media, including The Charger, The Stampede, BGTV, and the new podcast The Unspoken Herd. The title of the new platform and slogan, “The Bison Experience” were all developed by current BGHS students during remote learning with a goal to produce and create diverse, reliable, accessible content for the Buffalo Grove community. 

“The biggest benefit of this new collaboration is that students who were typically bound to one course can now collaborate and get a wide range of experiences and knowledge.” Multimedia Communications teacher, William Hansen said.  “In just 5 weeks while in a remote learning setting students have written student newspaper articles, created the concept for and started producing a new podcast, produced two live stream events for girls swimming & diving, created the concept for a new broadcast show, and started developing the components of the Yearbook.” 

A mission statement drafted by students explains that BGN “is committed to growing and adapting as individuals and as a team to meet the needs of our BG community”

While the group aims to develop meaningful connections and conversations with staff, students, and community members through BGN and all of the publications, they are also getting first-hand real world experiences that will serve them both interpersonal and academically. In a time when many districts are getting rid of their journalism and media programs, District 214 is innovating and evolving to ensure students are provided experiences that will lead to success. 

“The change to BGN has been very exciting for me,” senior Mikayla Kim said. “I have been able to experience so many areas of multimedia while getting hands on experience. I can now help create the yearbook, be a journalist, and a broadcaster. You really get to feel like you are contributing to BGHS.”

Additionally BGN has been able to collaborate with Graphics classes and Music classes to develop logos and music for the podcast and BGTV’s new show The Bison Breakdown. BGN also has also been able to live-stream recent Swimming and Diving meets that are currently not allowing spectators due to Covid-19.

“It has been so exciting to be able to have the opportunity to collaborate with other classes and teachers within BGHS,” Multimedia Communications teacher, Stefanie McCleish said. “Anytime we can get more students involved in our publications the better.”

BGN hopes to provide reliable information for the student body and the Buffalo Grove community.  BGN welcomes all story and coverage ideas.  Please direct message on Twitter or Instagram at the following handle: @bgn_bghs

The Charger is the student newspaper. It features student-written articles about events occurring inside and outside of school, opinion and entertainment pieces and other stories. Its articles will be published monthly in its newspaper and on its newly renovated website,


BGTV features videos produced by students. Instead of the daily morning announcements it created in the past, it now creates monthly videos featuring segments including school stories, student and staff interviews and passion projects. Students involved in BGTV also live stream sporting events to increase their accessibility during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their videos and live streams are available at      

The Unspoken Herd creates podcasts with a focus on student and staff spotlights. This student-run group strives to provide a platform for unheard voices, building a stronger sense of community. More information can be found on their Twitter account, @UnspokenHerd.


Stampede is the student yearbook. Students involved in Stampede graphically design yearbook pages using photographs taken professionally at school events as well as photographs sent in by other students. It is accepting images sent to its Instagram account, @yearbook_bghs.