Kappler’s creativity aids interest in composing podcast music


Henry Kappler

Band director, Henry Kappler, works on one of his projects using the music software, Logic Pro X.

Phoebe Rusch, Staff Writer

Band director, Henry Kappler started to hone in his skills and composed podcasts theme songs over quarantine. He bought Logic Pro X, which is an even more advanced version of  GarageBand. He watched workshop classes online and therefore, started initiating a side project.

Kappler has always enjoyed podcasts, as he believes it is a great opportunity to learn new things. With this technological age, information spreads quickly and there are podcasts for almost any topic. He also believes that background music plays a big part in a podcast.

His clients come from a website called Fivver, where they request a 60-second song. The process takes about three days for him to create the song. The most recent song he composed was for a hockey sports theme podcast. 

He has also enjoyed branching out and listening to other music styles that weren’t exactly his own. His clients may also tell him to change a few things to fit a more particular style. 

“I’ve always been into music technology and I’ve taken the skills I already have and combined them with the digital technology that I just learned,” Kappler said.

Most of the band kids know about this particular hobby that Kappler has. They know that he’s always been passionate about podcasts in general.

“Kappler’s always struck me as the kind of guy that likes to do all of this and I think it’s really cool, especially with the recent music he has made,” sophomore Suryansh Dasguptas said.

Most of the band kids are supportive of what he does. Some are even inspired by him to make their own unique music.

“I’m excited to hear what he does, I’ve heard the music that he’s produced and it’s really impressive,” sophomore Charlie Morrison said. “I feel like there’s no way that the people can be disappointed with what he makes.”

Morrison, who is a band kid, is interested in composing his own music. His music style is more techno and lofi, and Kappler’s style is more funk. 

“He has somewhat of a different style than I do because he’s very guitar forward,” Morrison said. “But I definitely love listening to his production and seeing how I can further myself in the way that he does it.”

According to Dasguptas, he’s not really into making music, as he is more interested in learning his instrument. He also just wants to play the songs meant for the band.

“I’ve always been more of an instrument player, so if I had to record something, I would be fine with it,” Dasguptas said. 

Overall, Kappler is very passionate about music and what he does, whether that be for fun or for the school band. He loves to learn new things and challenge himself to keep getting better at what he does. His Instagram account where he does make his music is @henryplayinginstruments.

“It’s a really fun creative project for me to do, it’s a way to keep my musical skills going and have fun while doing it,” Kappler said.