Physical Education Teacher Mars Galaxy’s big expedition

Physical Education Teacher Mars Galaxy’s big expedition

Julia Winski, Staff Writer

Speculation has been going around that physical education teacher Mars Galaxy will be going to the moon in 2024 and it is true. 

“This is big news and we are so excited,” Administrator Jupiter Star said.

Galaxy was able to work part time since he started in 2018 because he won the lottery a few years ago, so now he’s able to train more. Galaxy also goes every summer for extensive practice to go to the moon in NASA’s facility since he started college.

“It’s crazy how one of our very own teachers will be going to the moon,” freshman Space Moon said.

One of the things astronauts have to do to prepare for space is to be in zero-gravity simulators. They show you how it would feel to be in space and this lasts for hours. One of the best parts is astronauts get to bring in their own food to see how they will eat in space.

“I’ve been training for so long and I was so excited to tell everyone about my trip to the moon,” Galaxy said. “It was hard work but it was worth it.”

This wasn’t no easy ride though. Galaxy put countless hours in the gym building up his strength since he started high school. In college Galaxy began training to become an astronaut as well as pursuing a career to become a physical education teacher. 

By becoming a physical education teacher as well as training to go to the moon he learned the importance of keeping your body healthy. 

“Since I was a little boy I’ve dreamt of going to space, this just shows if you work hard enough you can achieve your dreams,” Galaxy said.

Before and after his big trip he will mentally prepare on his expedition, therefore he will not be working

“Even though I’m a freshman now, when senior year comes I will be very sad to see him go for a little but excited for him as well,” Moon said.

Despite the trip being a few years away the BG Administration has already set up a viewing party to watch the rocket blast off. 

“It’s such an honor for one of our very own teachers to be heading to the moon so of course we will set up a viewing party when the time comes,” Star said. “Everyone can’t wait for Mr. Galaxy to go to space.”