BGHS Report Cards to be released publicly


Sammy Sosa, Staff Writer

There was a decision from all staff and teachers at Buffalo Grove High School that all report cards will be released for all to see at the end of the semester. This decision was made to hold students accountable because many teachers are noticing students putting less effort as the end of the year comes close. The goal of the teachers is that it is an incentive for students to bring up grades.

“Honestly it gets tiring watching students ruin their grade from not showing up. I hope for the students failing Honors Circus Arts that all of your friends and second cousins see your report cards. Currently, all of you failing right now look like clowns,” Mrs. Bozo, the lady that wears a red nose and drives a small car, said.

The staff is planning to create a site where anyone can click on a student’s name to view their report card, but it does come at a price. The cost to view one report card will be $15 and the proceeds raised will be donated to the Teachers. 

“I can’t wait to finally have a pizza party. I always hear about these students having pizza parties for their hard work. I deserve one. Oh wait, I forgot I wasn’t supposed to talk about that. Anyway, I love the public report card release program because it totally without a doubt goes to benefit teachers, just maybe not like you think,” teacher, Mr. Dinero said.

One teacher did sympathize with students struggling, so she will not release their grades for their class. Mrs. Bozo and Mr. Dinero described this teacher as “weak” in their interviews. Ms. Sappy feels very strongly about her side, which is to protect the student grades even if she was out voted 137 to 1.

“My sweet students, even if they don’t come to class, care about me and I care about them. It is great to have four loyal students that come to class. I never met my twenty-four other students, but I am sure they are great. I’ve been crossing my fingers to have a class of ten by the end of the year,” Ms. Sappy said.