Dare to drink the BG water?!


X, Staff Writer

Have you heard about what happens to you when you drink the water at BG? It makes you excel in every single one of your classes. Perfect scores, 100%, spread across your transcript. You don’t even have to study, just drink the water. 

But be careful. Not just any water at BG. This power only comes from one specific water fountain in the school. The water fountain in the theater foyer, right by the girls bathroom. This water fountain is often passed by. No one notices it and because it is so old fashioned, no one thinks to drink out of it. 

Although discovered only recently, the Ap Environmental Science students can confirm this theory. 

“We studied every single drop in that water. We spent hours on one drop. Then another couple hours in another drop until we came to our conclusion” 

The water in the water fountain has been cleaned and restored by the underground water machines. The Village of Buffalo Grove has started using their tax money and investing in cleaning old water fountains in the local areas. They came to an agreement that after this pandemic, they needed to take care of our community’s health, instead of creating more golf courses. But surprisingly successful, they tested this change with BG students which ended up benefiting them. 

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I noticed it changed our test scores in our classes. It was like *Ding, ding* a new notification would come up from Infinite Campus “AP LANG 100%.” junior Aqua Fina, said.

This water ‘incident’ turned out to be a magical power and an experiment all in one. Future environmental scientists and health experts can take this incident to advocate high school students to increase their daily water intake. The more water you drink, the more likely you will succeed as the fountain of A’s proves.