Rainbow Goldfish taken off shelves amongst criticisms


Em, Staff Writer

After several complaints regarding symbolism behind Goldfish’s rainbow goldfish, various states have banned children and adults from eating the colorful snack. 

“Taking into consideration several concerned parents’ complaints, we decided that the best thing to do in this situation would be to ban it for everyone,” Senator Snowflake from Florida said. 

However, the company is not happy about the decision. They cite this as restricting children’s creativity and self-expression. 

“We respectfully disagree with the decision that various politicians have made,” a representative from Pepperidge Farm said. “We want our snacks to be enjoyed by everyone, no matter their identity.”

The complaints made about the crackers mention how they have the potential to influence children in inappropriate ways. They said that it could result in serious consequences. 

“Our children should not be subjected to such vile opinions,” Anti Everything, a parent of two said. “This is a clear demonstration of what is going wrong in our country.” 

Though the bill is only banning the specific rainbow colored Goldfish, some people have decided to not even buy the regular orange color either. It has become a boycott of every type of fish snack. 

“Though we only officially rejected the rainbow color, I standby everyone who has decided to not purchase anything else from the brand,” Snowflake said. “If they are willing to put such a thing out in a store, the company is not as innocent as a lot of people think.”

Instead of providing the smiling fish, parents have started thinking about new snacks they can provide for their children. Many ideas about supporting local restaurants have been brought up. 

“I have decided to send my son a Chick-fil-a meal every Friday,” Everything said. “That is a company that I align with.” 

Protests have broken out across the country, even in states not affected by the new law. Many consumers of the snack want to make sure their voices are heard. 

“We support the protestors, and are honored that our snack is being used to uplift such a positive message,” the representative said.