The Crisis with ISIS

Erik Hernandez, Copy Editor

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is not only the most powerful terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria, but also the whole world. This blood–thirsty group currently occupies about 40 cities within Iraq in addition to having sanctuary within war–torn Syria. Members  publicly beheaded American journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff and have also executed British aid worker David Haines.

ISIS, according to CNN, originated from the ashes of Abu Musab al–Zarqawi’s Sharia based al Qaeda generation. When the U.S left Iraq, Iraqi officials grew worried that the U.S took with them all their intelligence gathering technology. Because of this, a third generation of al Qaeda emerged. Led by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, ISIS aims at building an Islamic state within Syria and Iraq. This state would follow strict Sharia customs and have its own structured government. The group’s wealth is achieved through small–scale robberies, as well as large bank robberies and military/ police base seizings.

Many people around the world believe that ISIS’s actions are immoral and heinous. CNN reports that an ISIS believer/preacher said the following over the group’s actions, “As for our mistakes, we do not deny them. Rather, we will continue to make mistakes as long as we are humans. God forbid that we commit mistakes deliberately.” The statement by one of ISIS’s speakers shows that they also know that their actions are deliberately devastating, but are doing them for a “greater” cause.

Why, though, does ISIS hate the U.S if it’s on the other side of the world? Well other than the fact that the members in it hate everything about westernized customs and culture, the answer lies in the 50+ missile strikes we have launched in Iraq since Aug. 8, according to The New York Times. We have approved these missiles and CNN reports that we have also agreed to send 700 million dollars in military aid. This military aid includes 5,000 hellfire missiles, which, in the eyes of politicians, will somehow soothe the conflict.

ISIS upped the ante with the U.S when they professionally recorded the beheading of Foley and Sotloff. According to the New York Times, Sotloff and Foley’s death caused political tension within the government and moves ISIS to the center of attention for the Obama Administration.

Not only has ISIS been placed under the microscope of the Obama Administration, but a full fledged plan will now be put into place. Forbes, an American business magazine, says that the four step plan put into action by President Obama includes: more airstrikes, more humanitarian aid, training opposition forces of ISIS in both Syria and Iraq and a commitment to continuing U.S counterterrorism efforts. The U.S is not looking to weaken or damage ISIS, they’re looking to, in President Obama’s words, “destroy” it.

Moreover, ISIS is not only a terrorist organization that operates within the Iraq, they also have full sanctuary inside Syria. The reason being that currently there’s a civil war within Syria, which easily clouds any other activities like building a whole Islamic empire.

People everywhere are worried about ISIS, in reality, they do not present a long lasting threat to the world. Business Insider says that the group is expanding at a non-beneficial pace. If an organization becomes too big it will become unmanageable over time. Not only that, the U.S is now stepping their foot into the puddle of counterterrorism once again.

American citizens should not be worried themselves, for now the situation is at bay from them and will continue to stay that way as long as the U.S keeps over– funding its defense budget.