Natatorium creates ripple effect across district


The Daily Herald

BG students test out the waters of the Natatorium’s new pool.

Jake Harris, Co-sports Editor

BG’s brand new state of the art pool is making big waves on the homefront and across the district.  The 525 thousand gallon structure, which was the largest addition/renovation in District 214, has created a ripple effect, causing other schools in the district to have pool envy.

The new pool includes a variety of advanced features the old pool lacked.

“The pool has stands on the second floor, as opposed to being right on the first floor like it was last year,” girls swimming and diving director Tom Mroz said. “It now has eight lanes compared to six in the previous one, and it has LED lighting as well. It is also handicap–accessible, and can host water polo games.”

The boys and girls swimming and diving teams, as well as water polo, now have the opportunity to swim and compete in the new pool. According to senior Chris Schultstad, the addition of the pool increased pride and motivation for all the water teams.

“The pool is by far bet in the conference,” Schultstad said. “It’s very similar to Elk Grove’s, but I give ours the slight advantage,” Schultstad said.

Last year, the teams had to practice and compete elsewhere because of the construction. They would travel to Wheeling or Fremd High School for practices every day.

“It was pretty difficult trying to adapt to the  very inconsistent schedule we had to work with,” Schulstad said. “But now that the schedule is back to normal, I’m looking forward to spending more time with my teammates. A lot of our time last year was spent traveling to the other high schools, so we didn’t get to spend as much time together.”

Additionally, the school has now decided to have all Physical Education classes, including Dance and Lifestyle Fitness, complete a unit of swimming.

“Our goal is to make students comfortable in water, there are way too many preventable deaths in the water that counted,” Mroz said. “It also develops good habits in terms of physical fitness as well.”

Although some students may not be thrilled at the thought of treading water or swimming laps, senior Zach Harris sees the potential and the opportunity the new pool provides to all students. “I’m glad the pool has been renovated,” Harris said.