Updated security system locks new procedures into place


Lena Dassonville

BG student checks into the building at the newly renovated security vestibule.

Lena Dassonville

Recently, more security measures have been put in place at BG. Whether it be a specialists coming in to evaluate the original procedures or limiting students to one exit during the day, BG is becoming a safer school to attend.

Robert Hartwig, Associate Principal, played a large part in the updating of security procedures.

“Columbine and other situations have definitely had an impact on school security,” Hartwig said. “We have to make sure we’ve put things in place to prevent these incidents. Things are happening all over the world and we have to make ensure that as long as the kids are here, they are as safe as possible.”

Violence and attacks in schools have dominated the media many times and the increased security in BG is simply a response to these incidences.

Sophomore Sabrina Tran has noticed a change in school security restrictions.

“I noticed that school security is more strict this year,” Tran said.“For example, there is only one way into and out of school during school hours, and you can’t go in the theater foyer.”

Tran recognizes the importance of the newly regulated security but still struggles with some of the new rules.

“I think the security changes make for a safer environment, but it is a little tedious,” Tran said. “It slows things down a bit when you’re trying to be quick and get out, so it can be frustrating  to adapt to this new system.”

According to Hartwig, many students don’t realize that the new security measures and vestibule is there to help them, not to cause them any inconvenience.

“We’ve gone from open study halls to closed study halls, putting a vestibule in, scanning in and scanning out, but these are all measures that are put in place to help the kids,” Hartwig said. “As a district, we will put as many things in place as necessary to make sure all attending students are safe. Period.”