McTeacher’s Night: Fast food fundraising


Keli Vitaioli, Staff Writer

The tables, or burgers, were turned on Friday, Sept. 26th, at McTeacher’s Night when BG teachers took their turn behind the counter of the revamped Dundee Rd. McDonald’s. From five to eight p.m., 12 BG staff members worked as McDonald’s crew members. 15 percent of every purchase went toward the funds for the seven student government organizations at BG.

Barbara Meyer, BG’s events and activities coordinator, was approached by McDonald’s with the idea.

“Other schools have participated in the event and it’s gone well,” Meyer said. “They thought we would be interested, especially since the new building is right across the street.

The building was closed from June to September while undergoing renovations. As part of the grand reopening, McTeacher’s Night allowed the school to join the celebration.

The McDonald’s coordinator asked that teachers work basic jobs such as wiping down tables, taking orders and handing out cups. Meyer herself participated in the event, however she refrained from participating in some of the more intense jobs that the teachers were offered to take on.

“She asked for ‘aggressive’ people to work the counters and drive thru to help get tips,” Meyer said. “I think I’d probably just do better as a greeter.”

Meyer was hoping for a big response after reaching out on both the BG Bison Twitter account and the school’s daily announcements. The money is to be distributed across the four class boards, student council and Blue Crew for events such as Homecoming Week, send-offs and Battle of the Bands.

Student Council sponsor Rich Schram believes the event is a great way to to get the school involved on a larger scale.

“Anything that allows us to bring in money and connect to the community is a good idea,” Schram said.

Never having worked in fast food before, Schram was hoping to work with some of the specialty machines.

“I’m looking at being the fry guy,” Schram said.

Students, like senior Aura Ciungan, were surprised when ordering turned into a teaching moment. Ciungan was served by her Spanish teacher, señora Douvris.

“She asked me to order in Spanish and I started freaking out,” Ciungan said. “I couldn’t remember how to say hamburger.”

Senior Alexa Landsberger came for the chance to see her French teacher, madame Meyer, singing the McLovin’ It tune.

“I really loved it, but next time the school should do it on a home game so that more people will come out,” Landsberger said.

Teachers and students agree that McTeacher’s Night was a success. Schram hopes to participate in more events similar to this in the future.

“Overall I think the event went great,” Schram said. “I think everyone McLoved it.”