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Adapted Football Safety Regulations Prove Promising Results

Emily Luethy, Features Editor

October 25, 2019

When playing any sport, the number one concern is always surrounding the safety of it’s players. Recently, those involved in the sport of football have been a lot more concerned with safety and they have changed distinct feat...

Disputed supplement use raises questions regarding proper nutrition

Yustyn Kokor, Sports Editor

October 25, 2019

Student athletes are working hard to become faster, stronger, and perform better overall in their specific sport, but students also implement measures in their nutrition to ensure their optimal performance. According to a 201...

The unwanted impact of commercializing youth basketball

Sriman Narayanan, Editor-in-Chief

October 25, 2019

The story of the rags to riches athlete has long been cause for inspiration among young children across the country. Athletes like Dwayne Wade and Derrick Rose emerged from low income neighborhoods, and rose to the highest level i...

Student athletes commit to play after high school

Allie Zyck, Editor-in-Chief

October 25, 2019

With college application deadlines looming, many seniors are scrambling to perfect their portfolios and apply to their dream schools. However, some students have already committed to attending universities as college athletes. Two such s...

Football 2019

Football 2019

September 25, 2019

Growth Is Key For The Girls Basketball Team

Mike Mandell, Sports Editor

March 1, 2019

Although the girls basketball team has seen many down-to-the-wire fourth quarter games, their ability to win when it counts has been the highlight of the season.  With the addition of zero hour conditioning, the girls began t...

Zach Fricke’s transition From BG baseball to Valparaiso University

Zach Fricke’s transition From BG baseball to Valparaiso University

Clara DeLeon, in-depth editor

February 13, 2018

My Cause, My Cleats adds to list of the NFL’s generosity to the community

Sriman Narayanan, sports editor

January 16, 2018

The NFL has long been regarded as an organization that helps support charities and underprivileged people, with the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, the NFL’s Salute to Service, and most notably, the wearing of pink in the mont...

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