New DECA business club creates ties with local community


Erik Hernandez

Seniors Mike DeSalvo and Chris Topalis prepare for a DECA competition.

DECA, Distributive Educational Clubs of America, is a program that  is offered to over 3,500 individual schools across the country. The club resembles a professional business organization and provides students with opportunities to show off their speaking and analytical skills by role–playing various business situations and competing against other schools.

DECA sponsor Amy Zaba states that DECA is a great way to enhance students’ knowledge and executed their strongest assets.

“DECA focuses on helping students become emerging leaders and future entrepreneurs so that they are college as well as career ready,” Zaba said. “Anyone is eligible join, freshmen through seniors. It is preferable if he or she takes a business class at BG, but anyone is welcome.”

Freshman Elisabeth Jaszka joined DECA because of the great experiences that she has had with her Intro to Business class. Jaszka also enjoys the friendly environment of the club as well as the competition between her fellow friends and classmates.

“What I have learned from DECA is that it is important to prepare and to think quick on your feet,” Jaszka said.

The main purpose of DECA is to help students apply what they have learned from their business class into a real world setting using communication skills, problem solving and decision making skills.

The program also focuses on teaching students specific career fields ranging from marketing, finance, hospitality and/or management. Participants who are involved in DECA have the opportunity to compete in districts, regionals and State. If they achieve a specific score at State, students have the opportunity to compete in a national competition in Orlando, Florida.

“At competitions, DECA members compete in economics and cluster exams based on their topic of interest,” Zaba said. “On top of that, they also do role plays and present themselves to a judge, who is a community member, to present their findings.”

According to first year DECA member junior Sam Numerowski, DECA has improved his public speaking skills. Numerowski also states that DECA has given him a greater understanding of economics and the way the business world works.

“DECA for me is about not only sharpening your skills overall, but also about meeting new people and learning new information,” Numerowski said.

According to Zaba, DECA allows students to network with members from other schools who offer the program. As students continue to carry on connections with one another, they will continue to utilize their skills by learning from each other.

“DECA is a program that starts in high school and continues on to college,” Zaba said. “It is a great way to prepare students who want to go into the business field.”