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Em & M’s Book Nook: Nimona By Noelle Stevenson

Emily Luethy and Mikayla Kim

March 13, 2020

Em This is one of the very first graphic novels I have ever read. A reading goal of mine for 2020 was to start reading graphic novels. The goal continued to flourish after reading “Nimona”, and it inspired reading so many more.  ...

Drew Recommends: War and Peace (1965)

Drew Levitt, Staff Writer

March 13, 2020

Early 1960’s. It’s the height of the Cold War. Russia and America are at heads with each other, competing to see who has got the technology, medicine, and intelligence the world yearns for. In September of 1962, director ...

Simpler book covers attempt to grab onto modernizing readership

Sriman Narayanan, Editor-in-Chief

March 13, 2020

Scrolling down the New York Times’ Fiction Bestseller List for 2019 will reveal two things: a) a selection of incredibly diverse titles, and b) a very similar style being used for a great majority of the covers on the list. &...

Live-action film Mulan strives for a culturally authentic angle

Mikayla Kim, Features Editor

March 13, 2020

With the success of live-action movies like “Aladdin” and “Beauty and the Beast,” Disney has another film headed for its release this March 27, 2020. This new version of “Mulan” is directed by Niki Caro and stars Crystal ...

Billie Eilish changes music industry and inspires younger generations

Ola Rembiszewska, Entertainment Editor

March 13, 2020

 Billie Eilish’s rise to stardom has been rapid and intense. Just a couple of years ago, the media didn’t know of Billie Eilish and what she did compared to now where she has millions of followers and fans worldwide. Eilish...

Public serial killer interest invokes phycological discussion

Daniella Agre, Entertainment Editor

February 7, 2020

In the last decade or so, the unimaginable horrors committed by sick people in our society have become the dazzle of many imaginations. It is incredibly normalized for serial killers to be the keen interest or guilty pleasure for...

Nostalgia acts as a promotional tool for Disney+

Allie Zyck, Editor-in-Chief

February 7, 2020

The first ever animated feature film, “Snow White,”premiered at the famous Carthay Circle Theater in 1937 and made cinema history. Today, you can watch “Snow White,” or one of the hundreds of other movies owned by Disn...

The Top 10 Greatest Films of The 2010’s, According to Drew

Drew Levitt, Guest Writer

February 7, 2020

1945 (2017, Hungarian) This is a film about a Jewish father and son who return to their Hungarian village post-Holocaust while the village is preparing for a wedding. This makes the villagers paranoid and guilty of wheth...

Drew Recommends: Fanny and Alexander

Drew Levitt, Guest Writer

February 7, 2020

No film captures the essence of home, festivities, and loss altogether quite like that of the 1982 film “Fanny and Alexander”. This Swedish film is directed by the famous Ingmar Bergman and gives voice to the unsung persp...

“Little Women” adaptation takes on new perspective

Zoey Heinrich, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

February 7, 2020

Since the novel’s release in 1868, author Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women” has received over 20 adaptations. Each adaptation takes on its own form, including multiple feature films, Broadway plays and even Japanese animati...

Em and M’s Book Nook: The Speed of Falling Objects By Nancy Richardson Fischer

Emily Luethy and Mikayla Kim

February 7, 2020

Em "The Speed of Falling Objects” is an upbeat contemporary novel, with a stunning thriller feel to it. I was interested in the main character, Danny almost instantly, with the dramatization of her childhood injury of losing her ey...

Dark comedy “Jojo Rabbit” uses offensive subjects to teach important lessons

Mark Anbinder, Editor-in-Chief

December 13, 2019

In the perturbant and controversy-filled world we live in, it could be difficult to maintain, let alone establish what is and is not considered appropriate humor. Director Taika Waititi’s newest film, “Jojo Rabbit” can only...

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