Renewed Art Club provides creative environment outside of class


Erik Hernandez

Art club students stay after school to brainstorm mural ideas together.

Erik Hernandez, Copy Editor

The art program at BG has always been a curriculum that not everyone dabbles in due to busy schedules and other interests. However, now that the Art Club has gained a large group of members, students will be able to practice their hands–on art skills outside of a classroom setting. Art teacher Jordie Field is the sponsor of the program, scheduling meetings every other Thursday after school.

“We welcome kids from all parts of the school,” Field said. “Attendance is not mandatory– what’s mandatory is positive contribution.”

Originally, the Art Club was sponsored by former BG art teacher Julie Bale. She started the program to encourage students to work on personal projects outside of school, as well as to provide a safe, creative environment for artists. According to Field, not much has changed about the club other than a bigger turnout. Art Club now includes about 75 members which Field attributes to, most likely, timing. The number has excited Field, while at the same time surprising him.

Materials are provided for all members to work on individual pieces, but students are encouraged to work with one another. Senior Benjamin Blekhman thinks that Art Club unites people from all around the school because it is flexible for everyone’s schedule. According to senior Aazeen Haqui people are divided into little groups before coming together to share ideas. When the club meets to share ideas they usually go around the art room one–by–one.

“Everyone is working together trying to make something that benefits everyone,” Haqui said. “People participate in art they wouldn’t do on a daily basis.”

Currently, the Art Club is working on three assigned tasks for the school: swim caps for the girls water polo team, a mural for the new natatorium and signage for directions around the school. Students have already produced a logo to go on BG swim caps, and have started brainstorming for the mural. Field says that one of the ideas for the mural portrays a bison walking on water. The signage around the school will also change, as the club will be constructing all of it by hand. Field stated that the signage will show a theme relating to the specific department it is located in.

Field is also very proud of the online capabilities of the program. Art Club is planning on making a website where members will be able to digitally display their work for everyone to see. Right now, Field showcases students’ work via Twitter on his account @Jordie.Field.

Field says that there is no set schedule on Art Club’s plate, and that they handle assignments one day at a time. Since students are working on several projects that will probably take most of the year, new organization strategies have been brought up in meetings.

Sophomore Emily Sidlow stated that, in order to increase efficiency, the club has thought of implementing a cycle system. One week, one group of people will dedicate their time to doing work around the school (signage), while the other group works on their individual projects. This way the club hopes to increase efficiency on their school duties.

The Art Club has been an idea that many students have, in the past, thought of. Now that it is a reality once again, the students are excited to participate in what they love to do most– create.

Blekhman believes that the Art Club allows students to leave a footprint on the school. Whether it be through a mural, signage or your personal artwork.

“We get to have a lasting impact on the school,” Blekhman said. “It’s an open opportunity for you to work on art that motivates you.”