Infinite Campus successfully uploads its way into BG


John Boles

Senior Zack Mellow uses Infinite Campus to check his grades as well as his attendance report.

Infinite Campus is the newest addition to BG’s technology transition, taking the place of  HomeLogic. This year, Infinite Campus has been introduced as a centralized system for both students and teachers to make the attendance–taking and grade–checking process  easier.   

“It was a big step,” Innovative Technology Facilitator Jeffrey Vlk said. “This adjustment gives the school a more effective way of handling online grading and attendance–taking by substituting one website for a few websites, along with being more reliable and easier to handle and providing a few extra features in between.”

The first steps for the promotion of Infinite Campus were  challenging. In fact, some students, such as Hannah Soifer, initially expected the to be website being used as a test and quiz issuer, similar to Schoology.

“When I first heard about it, I expected to see a website that would transform attendance, test–taking and grade–checking for students all together,” Soifer said. “Although I don’t really mind using Schoology separately, I think it would have been cool to incorporate tests and quizzes into Infinite Campus as well.”

Senior Hannah Soifer is happy that BG is making an adjustment to a “more reliable program” as opposed to Homelogic.

“If Infinite Campus makes it easier for teachers, then I am all for it,” Soifer said. “I want to know that the program I use to check my grades is running at full potential all the time because I often check my grades and know that HomeLogic can often  have problems.”

Newer features, such as teachers being able to track how often students are logging on to their accounts, is a big component to the widespread critical acclaims from staff.English teacher Jarred Maddox described this feature as very important in assessing the concern of grades amongst his students.

“If I  know kids are checking their grades more often, it lets me better   adapt as a teacher by  being able to essentially accommodate them more,” Maddox said. “I won’t fail as a teacher if I know my students are not as concerned with their grades. I think they should be concerned, which is a major component to being a great, and not just average, teacher.”