Ebony club prepares with excitement for Symposium at Harper College


Michelle Raytman

Harper College offering a teen symposium

This month is filled with celebration, especially for the Ebony club. In honor of February being Black History month, the Ebony club will be attending a major event to honor black history.

Members of the Ebony club will get the opportunity to participate in a Black Teen Symposium at Harper College on Feb. 27. This Symposium is called “A Tribute to Leaders” and it will consist of a panel of African American speakers that will discuss a variety of things including double consciousness (discovering a sense of self) and attending predominantly white schools.

For some students, like junior Jeffery Johnson, this will not be their first year attending the Symposium.

“ I am pretty excited to meet the the guests that attend the symposium,” Johnson said. “Last time there was a poet and a public speaker and they were pretty cool.”

The event is hosted by Harper Recruiting Manager Tamara McClain and on the Harper website McClain states that the Symposium addresses academic achievement, college readiness and future careers. Information on college aid and admission for African American’s will also be provided along with career programs.

“I am very excited to be attending the symposium because it will discuss many issues that I am not able to tackle in a one hour meeting, once a week,” Ebony club sponsor Ami Relf said.

For the students that have already gone, they are excited to revisit familiar faces from last year’s symposium.

“I expect to see familiar faces, of course, but also new faces. It’s always cool to meet another brother,” Johnson said. “Especially because last time there were a lot of football players I know who went I would definitely like to “reunite” with some people.”

Besides for their own celebrations, Ebony club encourages students to attend many museums, theatres and events in celebration of this month.


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