Former principal Carol Burlinski honored by BG Parent Association


Erik Hernandez

Former BG principal Carol Burlinski sits on honorary bench alongside principal Jeff Wardle.

It’s difficult to create a legacy, but even more difficult to retain respect from a considerable amount of peers or coworkers. The BG Parent Association (BGPA), recently dedicated the bench across the electrical car charger to former BG principal Carol Burlinski. Burlinksi, who drove about one hour from her current job as principal in a Hinsdale Central private school, was quickly greeted by a dozen members of BGPA.

“As principal I was the direct contact between the school and parents,” Burlinski said. “In a positive way, we would support each other. Our kids would know we wanted the best for them.”

The project finally went underway after many months of planning, and it ended up impressing Burlinski, who stated she felt very humbled. Mainly, the project was accomplished through the new leadership of current principal Jeff Wardle. According to Wardle, the project meant a lot to him since he had been hired by Burlinski earlier in his teaching career.

Wardle, alongside about a dozen parents, were excited to present the honorary bench to Burlinski. The ceremony took place at about 6:40 p.m., and it ran for a short amount of time.

“It was just so special when the parents told me. This is something that will always be there,” Burlinski said. “I would enjoy spending time with the parents chaperoning in Vienna. Clearly, I got know parents on a personal level.”

Visiting BG, Burlinski wanted to remind everyone how strongly she feels for Wardle’s abilities to lead and inspire. She firmly believes that the school is in good hands.

“I feel that BG is in extremely good hands with Mr. Wardle,” Burlinski said. “I’m proud of the school I left. I left with him a school with many strengths.”