Life in Quarantine: How our students and staff are spending their time

Hi Bison! Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, we have been asked to do our part to protect ourselves and loved ones and engage in self quarantine.

For the first few weeks, we were more easily able to find activities to occupy our day…or night for most of us. But as this goes on we run out of cookies to bake, home projects to improve, and drawers to organize. If you’ve reached your wits end and are desperately in need of some Quarantine inspo don’t worry, here are some of the activities our fellow Bison have been keeping busy with:


Sarah Shin: Cooking!

Talk about phone eats first, impressive. Aside from giving Gordon Ramsey competition, Sarah has spent a lot of time exploring new recipes for easy
meals like smoothies and fresh oatmeal toppings. “I enjoy it so much because I get to experiment with creating healthy versions, food aesthetics, and for the satisfaction of completing something from start to finish,” Shin said. 



Joe Apicella: Lacrosse Mode                                                     

Playing as a defenseman for North Central College starting this spring, Joe has been keeping busy by sharpening his lacrosse skills in his backyard. Shooting and footwork has been his main focus, as well as working on general fitness through lifting  and running. It’s not all just grind time for Joe though, he has also been putting work into GTA and 2k. Good luck this Spring!






The Farrells: New Beginnings

They moved into a new house on April 9th! “We were very lucky to get the closing done under the present circumstances. It has been good to have as much time to get settled in even though we can’t go to stores to buy some furniture,”J. Farrell said. Another exciting announcement aside from a new home, the Farrells also have a new family member! “We rescued a dog, her name is Joy. She is a 2 year old Pitbull and she is super sweet. Logan now has a sister. We could not be happier,”J. Farrell said.



Sasha Botsul: Baking and Biking

“I’ve been baking a whole lot and trying new recipes! The few days that we had nice weather I went bike rides and played some volleyball but usually I workout at home.I never thought this would be something that would happen and I’m really going to miss the seniors from track,” Botsul said.






Mrs. Stenzel: Having a good ol’ time

“There has been biking, riding, baking, taking walks with the dog, playing music, partner yoga and working out, makeshift spa days…to name a few,” Stenzel said.









Ms. Augsburger: Honing pizza skills! 

“Things have been pretty busy with schoolwork, but here are a few things I’ve been up to during quarantine: baking homemade bread, cooking… a lot, playing board games, doing puzzles, experimenting with homemade pizza recipes, going for long walks, decorating my house, reading, watching Netflix,” Augsburger said.




 Mr. Livas: First steps!

Aside from zoom classes and checking up on his track team, Mr. Livas is enjoying the newfound freetime with his son. “One of those pictures is my son and I getting ready for a nap and the other is him during his first days of learning how to stand and take a few steps on his own,” Livas said. 





Fernando Castillo: Family time!

“I spend a lot of time with my niece because she loves to go outside and this quarantine limits where she can play because all the parks are closed. I simply go outside and draw with some chalk or blow some bubbles for her.”





Juan Simon: Straight Chillin’

Aside from a lot of gaming and guitar learning, Juan has been practicing his throws for track and avidly searching for vlog footage! You can check out fun clips from this school year (we’re all missing it) at his YouTube channel: Juju Simon













Camille Ziemba: Making the most of it

“I love sitting outside while slowly learning how to play the guitar because it keeps my mind sharp. Sometimes I go places with friends in separate cars just to say ”I miss you” too many times. Riding my bike is a chance for fresh air and it keeps these quads in check,”Ziemba said.