COVID-19 Disrupts Inaugural Lacrosse season


Photo courtesy of Craig Kincaid

Student athletes hoping to join the Lacrosse team practice skills pre-COVID.

All high school IHSA sports have experienced a great deal of uncertainty this school year. Lacrosse is no exception, but because this is the first season here at BG and COVID is still very much a factor, the coaches and athletes seem to be left with more questions than answers.

 ”We have had to adjust our coaching style with the restrictions this pandemic has created. It is very difficult to connect to young men through remote learning. It is also difficult to lead a practice with any sort of normalcy when you are doing it remotely,” Boys lacrosse coach Craig Kincaid said. 

Athletes like senior Tommy Dierbach have felt frustrated with the lack of information and decisions being made.

“At this point in time, I think we’ve been strung along by different gov organization IHSA for too long and I think it’s coming to a time where they either have to say yes or no and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to say yes to everyone so I guess we’ll see what happens,” senior Dierbach said. 

Recently, our area, region 10, has shifted back to phase 10 which allows for all high risk sports to resume.

“Our plan for the reopening is to be ready to go immediately,” Kincaid said.“We’re fortunate the district and the school has provided our team with all the resources needed to play. Once we are given the green light to play, we will be practicing and training as much as allowed so we are ready to play.”

Players and coaches alike are hoping that the opportunity to practice will result in some normalcy that has not occurred for some time.

 “All we would like to do right now is be a kind of normal and get past this.  The hope to play soon,” senior Ryan Grossman said.  “These days nothing is for sure but it’s definitely the goal and if we don’t it will definitely be a huge disappointment“.

Even with the lifting of restrictions, many sports will have to be flexible, shift seasons, and should expect shortened seasons overall.

 “In the spring, my personal opinion is that we will have a short season and possibly play other District 214 schools or maybe even the Mid Suburban League Conference.” Coach Kincaid Says. “I am hopeful to play, and the boys are too.”

Despite the damper that COVID has put on what had hoped to be an exciting first year of the Lacrosse program, Dierbach believes the benefits of the sport make it one athletes should seriously consider joining.

“I believe that lacrosse has been my favorite spring sport because it’s more physically demanding than baseball and incorporates more teamwork than track which are both values I look for in sports,” Dierbach said.  “I also believe that although track may improve straight line speed with some emphasis on agility but because lacrosse is such a fast pace game.”