Side Show stresses importance of celebrating uniqueness

Side Show stresses importance of celebrating uniqueness

This year’s musical, Side Show is a historical fiction story about two people in a traveling circus of the 1930s. The main characters are talented conjoined twins (who did exist and knew Houdini) and were taken advantage of by the gaze of onlookers. They were joined by others using their uniqueness  in the group, but struggled to find their way in the world that uses them as a  “side show”. 

According to director Lauren Stenzel, the message of this show represents how marginalized voices in our history have been silenced and/or misrepresented, but it’s important to remember that these stories are still relevant today.

“In 2023 we are still fighting and working towards a society that is not dominated by white, cis, able bodied voices; but one that is freer to learn, acknowledge, and see the experience of others,” Stenzel said.

Senior, Nick Edstrom, who has not been involved in a musical before is excited to see how the accompanied music enhances the story. Nearly entirely sung-through, Side Show features soulful music.

“I’m looking forward to singing on the stage since I haven’t ever been involved in a musical before,” Edstrom said.

According to Stenzel, it’s important for the theater and music programs at BG to reflect the student body. Those in the theater community reflect on Side Show as a show that reminds us “of the importance of accepting and celebrating what makes us unique.”

According to Fine Arts co-coordinator, Eric Garneau, this show reminds us that people can overcome exploitation and find satisfaction through love and solidarity. Additionally, the show will have some unique acrobatic and aerial features.

“This musical production will have some unique elements that haven’t been seen in other productions here at BG,” Garneau said.  “Our production of Side Show will feature students working acrobatically with silks and other rigged circus-like set pieces.” 

Side Show premieres on the BG stage on April 20th and runs through the 22nd. 

“Side Show adds a spectacular and unique flow that is different from other musicals, ” Edstorm said.