The buzz about Blue Crew


Gillian Sherman

Grove Street Cheers on the BG Football team.

Blue Crew has created new ways to support the sports teams and to give the school that extra boost of school spirit. With so many sports teams at BG, Blue Crew has made it their top priority to strike the interest of all students so the school can be represented in ways beyond what is expected.

The most common theme throughout Blue Crew is spirit. Blue Crew works on behalf of the school at football games and organizes cheers to get students pumped up.

Recently, Blue Crew sold 300 neon orange t–shirts and the proceeds went to charity. The group ensures that fund-raisers are set up to raise awareness for the school and other causes. Blue Crew also makes sure that funding  for events such as homecoming is taken care of.

“I think it’s really special,” senior Jake Mueller said. “It makes the football games full of energy. We want kids to recognize that we love our school.”

According to Mueller, being on the football team is fun when you hear the crowd cheering for you. It gives off a sense of school unity. Some athletes believe that Blue Crew’s contributions even  improve their performance.

“It really makes me feel better as an athlete and gives me the confidence to perform at my best,” Mueller said.

Similarly, Blue Crew helps assist in the preparation of games and makes sure that all things are in place. Senior Dan Levato, one of the presidents of Blue Crew, works with making preparations.

“We really want to make sure that we’re making it easier on the faculty and assist in setting up for games,” Levato said. “If we can be physically helpful and vocal, it makes it a better experience all around.”

Jeff Siegal, who runs Blue Crew, suggests that it is important to maintain school spirit and assist in helping the several causes such as school pride and awareness for donating and being active in the community.

“We want kids in the school to know that everyone can join Blue Crew and if you really feel like you want to make a difference for awareness it can be found with us,” Siegal said.