BG gets new Math/Science center

Payton Lira, News editor

BG Math/Science center goes from disFUNCTIONal to PIrfect
Mark Schaetzlein and Payton Lira
BG Math/Science center goes from disFUNCTIONal to PIrfect

The construction process that started on the last day of the 2013–2014 school year has led to a completely remodeled math/science space.

“It surprised me that with all the construction going on, the area was done in time for the first day,” sophomore Lindsey Hammel said. “I was impressed that they managed to accomplish that.”

Though the construction itself only lasted the summer, the planning and development started mid–year, around the start of second semester.

“From day one we asked ourselves, what do we want it [math/science area] to be?” Math/Science Division head Christopher Marks said. “We want it to be for the kids, what will benefit them the most. We wanted to create a space where kids want to be and can learn.”

One noticeable difference in this area is the added loft chairs and couches that provide a place for students to relax anytime during the day.

“My favorite part of the new area is definitely the USB stations on the backs of the couches,” senior Elise Hooghkirk said.

Another change in the department is the size of math rooms. The rooms have gone from being 600 square feet to around 800 square feet. They also sport new tables and chairs on wheels that can be easily moved around to accommodate different room layouts and different positioning of tables and chairs.

“The chairs and tables with wheels create a lot of flexibility,” Marks said. “The old classrooms constricted teachers and limited their ability to help students. In the new rooms teachers can be as innovative as they want to be.”

Math teacher Christine Lindblom said that the white board walls are her favorite part of the new math/science area because they have increased teaching options.

“The new rooms give me many alternatives to the way I teach my students,” Lindblom said. “As a math teacher, I love being able to have students work out problems all around the room on the white boards.”

Marks said the responses students have towards the changes have been positive which is the response that the administration was hoping for.

“It has a very corporate and streamlined appearance,” Hooghkirk said. “It has a more professional feeling to it and I learn better with four walls around me.”