Black Friday shopping: to shop or not to shop, that is the question

Black Friday: the day after Thanksgiving when people wake up early to go scavenging for great shopping deals. There have been many stories of people getting trampled upon arrival, but also many about finding those amazing, killer sales. Black Friday shopping isn’t for everyone, but it’s not to be frowned upon.

If shopping ‘til you drop (literally) is your thing, embrace it. There is no need to mentally destroy those who are happy to sleep in on the Friday after eating their hearts out on Thanksgiving, either. There are many fun and memorable moments that come from Black Friday shopping, such as spending time with friends, family and great sales.

Black Friday isn’t meant to be the American way of bashing Thanksgiving. It’s a fun way to make one of your few days off on Thanksgiving Break memorable.

People take advantage of the morning to get ahead start on Holiday presents, or simply to save money on items one has been waiting all year to buy.

Other people find Black Friday to be the best time of year to people watch. Black Friday shopper and freshman Elizabeth Winter, reminisces upon her own shopping memories.

“My sister and I went to Walmart and got three flat screen televisions and witnessed people fight over things,” Winter said. “This one guy hit this lady with his cart and she went nuts. I’m pretty sure she almost punched him.”

It may be a difficult moment when people ask questions or make statements to put you down about your shopping habits. Usually no one is really trying to be mean or harsh, so just make a joke out of it. Take the time to emphasize how badly you need what you are shopping for.

Many people often choose to also skip this event, which has its benefits.

Staying warm and saving money is an activity that one could also do the Friday after Thanksgiving. Some people believe that several shops tend to raise their prices before Black Friday and lower them when the holiday comes around.

There are also those people who’d much rather sleep in than go to work early on Black Friday. Black Friday employee and junior Jackie Privett is anxious about her upcoming day at work on Black Friday.

“I’m just feeling extremely nervous about working with so many people in such a short period of time,” Privett said. “People can sometimes be really angry or demanding; it’d be so much easier to stay at home, but it’s a new experience I’m ready to take on.”

For those people who are contemplating whether or not to shop, make sure that it’s a decision that’s entirely up to you. If it’s an individual’s first time, surely trying it out won’t kill you.

Black Friday is time that’s meant to be fun and exciting, no one should be dreading the day or ruining someone else’s.