Cami Rier combines autumn colors with a touch of her own personal style

Rier poses in a classy outfit.

Lena Dassonville

Rier poses in a classy outfit.

Ariana Santilli , Lena Dassonville, and

Ariana Santilli:

Starting new trends is nothing new for junior Camilla Rier. It can be very easy to say, “it’s just school, who cares what I wear?” But to committed fashionistas like Rier, this sentence will never  be spoken.

With a twist on a fall classic, Rier adds a more chic and fun side to the classic jeans and tee shirt look. The blue–colored jeans bring a bright, happy tone to the outfit, while still not overwhelming the ensemble. Her white lace top contrasts well with the bright tone of the jeans, while also adding to the chic theme of the look. The shirt effortlessly drapes down, flowing well with the simplicity of the outfit. To pull it all together, Rier wears a cozy pair of brown suede booties. Not only do they enhance the vivid colors, but also add comfort through a long, tiring day at school. Although finding a balance between comfort and fashion can be difficut, Rier shows that it is possible. The shirt’s loose feel allows for an easy top to slide on early in the morning, and gives a good feel for the day.

Rier believes everyone should simply find which style is most comfortable and suitable for them and feel confident in that choice.

“I just want to wear what makes me feel good and what I think looks nice.” Rier said. “I think everyone should find their own personal style.”


Lena Dassonville

Junior Camilla Rier has a reputation for dressing fashionably. Though it may seem daring to wear vibrantly–colored jeans, Rier pulls it off well by pairing them with a basic crochet top. Her suede ankle boots are perfect for the recent chilly weather, and their neutral color keep her jeans the focus of the outfit.

It is easy to be too matchy–matchy and color–coordinated, but with the obvious color contrast between the jeans, boots and top, Rier is able to look put– together and fashion–forward. The combination of a loose top and fitted jeans is altogether very flattering for her figure. This artfully concocted–outfit makes her look effortlessly classy, a look for which many strive. According to Rier, you should wear what makes you feel good and wear it with confidence.

“I want to start my day and put my best foot forward,” Rier said. “I feel that dressing in a presentable manner gives off the impression that I’m ready for the day. Not only does it show who I am as a person, but it makes me feel confident and ready to take on the day.”

Those who have seen Rier around school can attest to the fact that she has not once worn sweatpants. Most students are satisfied by throwing on a random outfit, but Rier holds herself to a higher standard.