The best Christmas movies of all time

The number one Christmas movie.


The number one Christmas movie.

5) “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

Sure, it could be considered a childish movie; but really I can understand why people love this red-nosed reindeer. The movie consists of an elf who is stuck with a career he doesn’t want, a reindeer who is ashamed of his physical appearance and an island of misfit toys. Not only is it cute and filled with holiday spirit, but it teaches life lessons. Christmas isn’t a time for gifts, it is a time to appreciate what you have been given in life, and honor it with good grace. “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is an exemplary Christmas movie that rises above all others.


4) “Holiday in Handcuffs”

This movie is geared towards those who enjoy romantic comedies, like myself. Starring Melissa Joan Hart, renowned comedic actress, combined with the always-amusing Mario Lopez, this movie was bound to be a great holiday flick before it was even filmed. The story follows Gertrude Chandler, a woman who unfortunately, cannot keep a date or a job to save her life. When her boyfriend bails on her just before a nearly unbearable Christmas vacation with her family, the only logical explanation is to, of course, kidnap the next good-looking man that walks into the restaurant where she works and force him to fake his identity in front of her family. With hilarious near-escapes, unrequited love and a crazy family, whoever watches this movie will fall off of his or her couch laughing and shed a few tears.


3) “Christmas with the Kranks”

At long last, we finally arrive at one of the best actors to watch during the Christmas season: Tim Allen. With Allen as the main character, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is a comedic film. In my eyes, Tim Allen is the king of comedy, and the fact that he portrays a conceited man who wants to ditch his friends and family in their age-old neighborhood holiday traditions, thus tossing the community into turmoil in the eyes of a fancy cruise with his wife. The whole plot added together with Allen’s fabulous acting skills is the epitome of the comedic relief in this movie and is the centric point of the whole film. Allen and his wife are spending the last few days before the holidays preparing for the cruise when their daughter calls unexpectedly to announce that she is coming home for the holidays with her fiancé. Thrown into a flurry of preparation and enlisting the help of their wacky neighbors, the police force and even a miracle or two, the characters in the film manage to illustrate that what really matters most on Christmas is who you surround yourself with, and that nothing is more important than spending this joyful time with those who matter most.


2) “The Santa Clause”

Once again folks, I bring you to the magnificent Tim Allen, the master of holiday-themed comedies. Really, I don’t even feel the need to explain the plot of this film any further than this: a man who didn’t want to become Santa Clause became Santa Claus and he cannot go back because he is literally locked in a Santa “clause,” hence the title. After that, you can probably put it together from there. Everything ranging from his outrageous transformation into Santa to his whimsical facial expressions makes this movie one of the most amazing Christmas comedies of all time. It’s not just the first film either, it’s all three. Each one is as hilarious as the last, and as a family-friendly film, it’s one of the best flicks to immerse yourself in this season.


1) “Home Alone”

Now, we come to one the most iconic Christmas films of all-time. If I felt there was no need to explain “The Santa Clause,” why would I even bother with the plot of “Home Alone”? If you remember Kevin’s wish for a Christmas spent without his enormous family, he acquires his wish, but he of course regrets it after just a few days alone and a run-in with some dim-witted robbers. This is probably the most family-centric Christmas film there is, because it reminds you to always appreciate your family, no matter how hectic things may get with them around, and it is simply one of those movies that you can watch on a Friday night in cozy pajamas surrounded by your loved ones. I have never laughed more than when I watched this movie, and Kevin McCallister is probably one of the most clever and witty characters to ever grace our television screens. I mean, come on, what other kid would think of sabotaging robbers? If I were him, I would have hidden in the bathroom or something. This is the movie I binge-watch repeatedly over the course of the season, and if you enjoy a little excitement over the span of the Christmas season, I advise you to watch this movie. Macaulay Culkin has been and always will be the cute-yet-devilish face everyone loves to watch during the holiday season.