Schwartz and Jambrone ready to finish four–year badminton careers on top

Over the past four years, the badminton program has witnessed a tremendous increase in the amount of team and individual success. While the rejuvenation of the program is undoubtedly a result of the coaching staff and all the players, seniors Julie Jambrone and Jessie Schwarts, specifically, have earned recognition and numerous awards for the team throughout their high school career.

Last season, Jambrone and her partner, Katelyn Sommers, made it to the State meet, where they finished in second in the Doubles event. The duo also led the team to a second place finish overall.

“The moment we won our match to advance to the championship, Katelyn and I immediately ran to each other,” Jambrone said. “We hugged for a long time and we just couldn’t control our happiness.

Jambrone and Schwartz have grown to be admired by their peers, as well as their coaches. Science and special education teacher Chris Vangrondelle has been there to watch their success first hand.

“They are the supercharger that makes our team soar,” Vangondrelle said.  “We couldn’t have two better team leaders than Jessie and Julie.”

While senior year for an athlete can be an emotional one with it possibly being the final season playing a sport competitively, Schwartz is maintaining focus on this season .

“I’m looking forward to competing with all the girls again,” Schwartz said. “It’s our goal to get back to State and win it this year.”

However, it is important to the take time to reminisce on all the accomplishments that one has achieved throughout a high school career. Aside from the badminton court, Jambrone has been a three–year varsity player for the basketball team, while Schwartz has participated in tennis throughout her high school career. Badminton has been the sport, however, that both Jambrone and Schwartz have bonded in together.

“The thing I will remember most are the positive vibes that everyone brought to a practice,” Jambrone said. “Getting second in State is also nice to remember as well.”

According to Jambrone, an athlete is bound to create many friendships through sports  Whether it’s a senior helping out with skills during  freshman year, or that one person that’s been a teammate for all four year, they are friendships that will be cherished when it is all said and done.

“I remember all of the memories and friendships that were made,” Schwartz said. “It’s awesome knowing that your past and present teammates will always be there to support you.”

Needless to say, Jambrone and Schwartz, as well as the rest of the badminton team, still have time to make their final season together one to remember. After the second place finish last year, Jambrone and Schwartz say they are determined to finish on top.

“I’ve coached lots of athletes over my years at this school,” Vangrondelle said. “I can, without a doubt, say Jambrone is in the top three overall athletes in this school’s history, and Schwartz is the best badminton player to ever play for this school.”