App of the Month: Family Feud & Friends 2

App of the Month: Family Feud & Friends 2

For those that have seen the popular game show Family Feud, they should be pleased to know that almost all of the aspects of the show are incorporated in this app. 

First, a series of three regular rounds are followed by a Fast Money round when a random question is asked and you, as the contestant, have to answer. All of the answers are based on a survey of what 100 people believe is correct.

All of this classic game show excitement is mimicked in the addicting app “Family Feud and Friends 2,” where the user and friends can play against each other.

Despite the addictive nature of this game, rest assured that it won’t turn into a huge time sucker. Since there are only a certain amount of coins allotted each day, a contestant can only test their trivial knowledge for so long.

Every five minutes you earn a coin until you reach the maximum of 100 coins. However, this game does offer a chance to earn more coins with the Daily Spin.

This app is a fun way to challenge all that you know in your spare time with an iPad or phone. It is similar to “Trivia Crack” in the sense that the game asks random questions, but it is still different because the answers they ask for in Family Feud are not exactly facts, but instead popular opinions.

So for those of you that are looking for a new obsession following the downfall of Trivia Crack, Family Feud will be a great replacement.