A German review of America

This past week, BG welcomed 15 exchange students from Bertha von Sutner school in Germany. Staying with hosts from the german language program at BG, these students had the opportunity to experience a little taste of American life. Annika Brosch, exchange student of Amber Luczak, had never before tasted cheese fries or used an Eos ball,  gave her ranking on a few aspects of American culture.


FOOD: 4/5 stars

COMPLETELY NEW: Mexican food, donuts and pink lemonade.

FAVORITES: Pink lemonade and cupcakes.

DISLIKED: Humus and rootbeer.

DIFFERENCES FROM GERMAN FOOD: American food always has moor cheese. You also like to have more fried food. In Germany, we have more food with vegetables

(side note, Annika also ate dinner at home two times the entirety of her ten days in America).


MUSIC: 5/5

COMPlETELY NEW: Alternative music.

FAVORITES: Too many. No Handlebars by Flobots and Low by Cracker.

DISLIKED: Nothing.

DIFFERENCES FROM GERMAN MUSIC:In Germany, I don’t listen to just one genre of music or much music at all. In America, we listened to music in the car every time we went out, and it was fun to listen together.



TRIED: Laser Quest, Bowling, Extreme Trampoline and Dave & Busters.

FAVORITES: Dave & Busters and the beach.

DISLIKED: Nothing.

BIGGEST DIFFERENCE:Free water. In Germany it is four or five dollars for every glass of water and here, it is free.



FAVORITE QUALITY OF AMERICAN PEOPLE: I like how they’re all funny. For example, when we went by the train, strangers always talk with you. You have fun with people you don’t even know.


ANYTHING YOU DIDN’T EXPECT ABOUT AMERICAN HOST: She brushes her teeth for ten minutes every morning. She takes so long.



STORES VISITED: Forever 21, Ragstock, Pacific Sunwear and Walmart

FAVORITE STORE: Walmart or Ragstock. They had so many weird things like cat outfits (see photo above). And Walmart had everything. It was so confusing.



DIFFERENCES FROM GERMAN SCHOOL: The pupils have the same subjects every day, and I think it gets boring.

FAVORITE PART: The teachers, they talk to the pupils like friends. In Germany, the teacher would never tell you something about their weekend or such things.



WEIRDEST PART OF AMERICA: School or Pop Rocks. Pop rocks were good just creepy. My whole head was popping.


WOULD YOU RETURN: Yes, I will definitely come back.