Activities you can actually accomplish this summer

Ariana Santilli, Executive Features Editor

The time has come to ask yourself, “what am I going to do this summer?” Although some of us may have already made plans for the 12 week break, most of us are desperately trying to set and accomplish some of our summer goals. The only problem is, most of our summer plans are highly unrealistic. Here are 10 things you will actually have a chance to accomplish during summer break.

1. Stay in bed all day

During the school year people rarely get the opportunity to lay in those warm sheets without a responsibility or care in the world. Sleeping continuously is not recommended but taking one day off of work or chores to relax in bed will make all those stressful times during the school year completely worth it.  Take advantage of this now because once you reach adulthood with a full—time job, you will not have the opportunity to do so.

2. Have a movie marathon

Whether one enjoys watching movies alone or with friends, there is something about a movie watching that just makes people feel cheerful. Before beginning the movie marathon, grab some unhealthy snacks, popcorn and candy are high recommended, and as many blankets as possible. Finally, when choosing your movies make sure you have a good combination of your favorites and ones you have always wanted to watch for max entertainment.

3. Spend the entire day outside

One of the many benefits of summer is enjoying its beautiful weather. Out of anyone, Chicagoans can specifically recognize how cold weather can put a damper on the day. So this summer, take advantage of the warm temperature by taking a long walk, riding a bike, or playing a sport.

4. Pack a picnic and find the perfect spot to eat

Once lunch time rolls around, it can be boring to do the same routine every day. Why not change things up and pack yourself a lunch to–go? Even if it is just your backyard or a bench in front of your favorite park eating a big, satisfying lunch in the warm summer sun is something everyone will enjoy.

5. Take a bike ride with the perfect summer playlist

There is nothing like hearing that one perfect song that brightens the day, and sparks inspiration. Well, why not take a long bike ride while listening to it? Even if it is just a quick ride around the block, sometimes our minds need some rejuvenation. So, plug in the headphones and find the perfect trail to enjoy the music.

6. Eat a large batch of cookie dough

Creamy, buttery, fat–loaded cookie dough is everyone’s secret craving. Yes, cookie dough is insanely bad for you, however, once in a while, it is okay to splurge. It is very easy to find cookie dough recipes that do not contain raw eggs that taste just as delicious. Once it is prepared, sit back, relax and grab a spoon.

7. Hang out with someone you haven’t talked to in awhile

Many times we grow apart from friends that we used to be close to, simply because of the hectic schedule that comes with each school year. Therefore, the summer is the perfect time to hang out with those friends and re–connect. It is healthy to surround yourself with people who make you happy.

8. Drive without a destination

Even if one does not have a license, it can also be enjoyable to hop in a friend’s car, and enjoy the ride. Although planning is a good thing, sometimes being spontaneous will create memories one never thought possible. Pick an upbeat, happy song and roll the windows down because school is over. Make sure not to forget money for gas though.

9. Expand on a passion or hobby

Whatever your hobby may be, this is the time to expand that passion. Create a schedule that allows you to practice and work hard so that when the school year rolls around, your skills have increased dramatically. One may never know how good he or she is at something if they do not dig deeper.

10. Surround yourself with people who truly care

With this long break, there is plenty of time to reevaluate “Are my friends truly there for me?” The school year should begin with a reenergized mindset so that you can be at peace through the inevitable ups and the downs that come with high school.