Pacquio and Mayweather take on ‘The Fight of the Century”

After years of anticipation for the legendary fight, it finally arrived. The eight–division champion, Manny Pacquiao, and undefeated champion, Floyd Mayweather fought on May 2, 2015 and answered the big question of who the real champion is.

“The fight had led to a completely different outcome than I would have ever thought,” sophomore boxer Sierra Chovanec said. “I always knew Mayweather would win, but I didn’t expect such an amateur fight.”

Perhaps you were one of the millions of people willing to pay $100 in hopes of watching the supposed “Fight of the Century.” Viewers worldwide bought into the hype with Mayweather risking his 47–0 record against the champion.

Some call Mayweather’s boxing cowardly, and others call it boring, but some simply call it technique. Whichever it was, it won him the fight in the end. The fight’s scores ended as 116–112, 116–112, and 118-110.

“After watching the first few rounds, I knew Pacquiao wasn’t going to win,” history teacher Mike DiMatteo said. “In the end, I was right and he didn’t win against the undefeated.”

A big supporter of Mayweather, Chovanec is familiar with the sport and was not surprised that Mayweather emerged victorious.

“Boxing isn’t just punches, you have to strategize and think about what your next move is going to be,” sophomore boxer Glieb Georgiievskyi said. “Although the fight was pretty disappointing, it was still a fair fight.”

Although this overdue fight took six years to happen, Mayweather’s goals were bigger than just defeating Pacquiao. An already highly recognized athlete, Mayweather aims at breaking the record of Rocky Marciano’s record of 49–0. Even though Mayweather may have everything needed to be a successful boxer, he’s lacking in one category of amiability, which is something Pacquiao definitely has.

“Technically Mayweather won based on the scores, but I would say Mayweather kind of broke the system,” Georgiievskyi said. “It just wasn’t a real fight.”

There has been a lot of controversy about the issue of Pacquiao’s injured shoulder before he stepped into the ring. Although Pacquiao could face some serious jail time and up to $5,000 worth of fines, he must first go through surgery on a significant tear in his rotator cuff. As this could result in suing and numerous other consequences for being dishonest on his pre–fight medical form, this could also lead to another match between Mayweather and Pacquiao since the Pac–Man was not physically capable.

“You never know what’s going to happen next,” DiMatteo said. “Maybe even a rematch in the upcoming years.”

Due to the recent events concerning the Pac–Man’s hidden injury, this has caused others to believe that the ‘fight of the century’ was not as hyped up as it should have been because Pacquiao was not able to fight to the best of his ability. This also defines the fight as unlegitamate and Mayweather has agreed for another fight after a year from Pacquiao’s shoulder surgery when he is fully recovered.

“I don’t know if they’re going to want to have to waste another few million on another fight if this one had such a disappointing outcome,” Gutierrez said.