Polyvore app review, blast from the past is making a comeback

When we were younger, we spent a questionable amount of time finding the perfectly embarrassing outfit to match our pseudo, edgy middle school aesthetics on Polyvore. It’s back, in app form. As much as everybody wants to forget the struggle that is our middle school fashion phases, Polyvore still stands strong as a great app to organize outfits, buy clothes and gather fashion inspiration.

It’s understandable for high school students to lose motivation to dress well. It’s hard enough just waking up in the morning and handling the task of dressing well gets lost in hours of homework and sleep. However, with the new Polyvore app, it is now easier and more efficient to plan your outfit ahead of time. This app is available on the Apple app store and is free.

“It actually helped me find stores that I shop at now,” sophomore Chianna Scheidt said.

Unlike several other fashion apps such as WEAR and Lookbook, which simply give you a prepackaged, impersonal Lookbook, Polyvore is a blank screen in which you can craft your own outfits out of clothes that you can actually afford. On other fashion apps such as Fashion Vogue you can find millions of cute clothes worth millions of dollars. Polyvore works with several affordable stores such as Target and H&M. Finding what we need, want and have is only a matter of typing a couple choice words.

“It’s a lot fun seeing some clothes that you have and pairing them up with clothes that you want to make outfits out of,” freshman Sage Kugler said.

Polyvore allows users access to a search engine for clothes, which can filter the content through specific colors and price points, as well as categories and stores. This makes for an easy way to find that perfect shirt you’ve been looking for, for under $30.

“Goofing around with it and making some random collages is a really fun way to pass time,” Kugler said.

Polyvore is not purely fashion, but incorporates elements of social media like following other people meaning the average student can easily check in on your favorite celebrity’s fashion choices.

Unfortunately, to keep an outfit board, one must post it to the public to save it, but there’s no need to fear. An easy way to hack the system would be to simply screenshot your looks on your phone and, voila, you have the outfit without the fear of future embarrassment.

“It’s a great way of raising that creativity in everyone,” Kugler said.

All in all, Polyvore is a throwback app dating back to 2007, yet the nostalgia of my childhood dream of an endless supply of clothes gives Polyvore a respectable four out of five stars.