Staff Editorial: Zero hour classes provide maximum benefits

They say the early bird gets the worm, but the halls of BG are rarely ever full in the early morning hours, aside from the few students who take zero hour classes. Adding more zero hour classes could change this by giving students more opportunities in the mornings.

P.E. is currently the only zero hour class offered at BG. It starts at 6:15 a.m. and runs until around 7:10 a.m. every morning.

The majority of the sports and clubs at BG operate during after school hours. The morning hours are free for many students who fill their evenings with extra curriculars, making zero hour classes convenient for busy students.

According to junior Ben Moran, taking zero hour P.E. opens up free periods during the day where he can take a study hall. This allows him to do homework during the day, rather than having to put it off.

“Instead of going home and doing schoolwork when they are tired, they can be working on homework, studying for their test, getting their projects done in school,” zero hour PE teacher Michael Naughton said.

Providing more classes before school would also give students the opportunity to add a variety of classes to their schedule as well. Offering more electives before school, such as photography, foods, or fashion could give students the chance to try new subjects they may not otherwise.

“Some people can’t fit some of the classes they want to take into their schedule,” sophomore Sarah Harner said. “If they had a chance to take them before school then they have an even bigger chance to find what they love.”

Not only could more zero hour classes help students learn school related subjects, it could help them learn life skills. Students who participate in zero hour classes learn to plan their time accordingly and quickly resolve problems that arise.

“Students get problem management skills and time management skills,” Naughton said.

Even with the possible good that may come out of adding more zero hour class options, there are some drawbacks. The administration would have to work out scheduling conflicts, and make sure the classes actually fulfill requirements. However, with careful planning these conflicts could easily be resolved.

For many students, the prospect of having more free time in their schedule and having more unique opportunities really makes zero hour classes appealing.

“Any class that I can take in the morning, before school that would leave more room in my schedule would be extremely helpful,” Harner said.