Andy’s Frozen Custard: a cool place to grab a frozen treat


Andy’s Frozen Custard: a lesser known small chain of ice cream vendors has gotten recent attention from students at BG. With their closest location being in Mount Prospect, about a 15 minute drive away from BG, it’s interesting as to why it has become such a big deal.

To start, the quality of the custard is mediocre, being just a step up from the quality of McDonald’s. It is soft and melts fast, the opposite of what good quality custard should be like because of the extra egg yolk that should make it creamier. As for price, it’s a little too much for what we end up getting in the end. While the portions are not small by any means, the quality of the custard is what really makes the price seem stretched, averaging around $6-$7 for a medium depending on what you select. Going to better known custard places such as any Culver’s location or classic places like the retro Greg’s Frozen Custard in Mundelein would offer a richer and thicker product making the price more reasonable.

One thing Andy’s doesn’t lack is a selection of concretes – a compacted cup of custard mixed with toppings – along with sundaes for everyone. I had the seasonal pumpkin pie concrete however I also got a chance to try their classics and honestly thought they made up for the low quality custard. One thing to note would be that the more compact of a custard you get, such as a concrete, the slower your ice cream will melt.

The choices for custard offer much variety and there is an option for everyone. Andy’s offers traditional vanilla and chocolate flavors and then added toppings and extra ingredients in a compacted way to make their concretes. They also have classic sundaes which go from simple one flavor, one topping items to sundaes with a  variety of delicious treats covering the custard.

As for visuals and amenities, Andy’s in Mt. Prospect is a reasonably sized building with no dine in seats. It consists of a couple windows to order from the outside and a few benches around the building to sit on. They do have bathrooms on the side however you need to ask for a key because they are locked. There is also a drive-thru located on the other side of the building. All of this is neatly bundled up in a vibrant red theme.

To conclude, Andy’s is a classic ice cream stand which, like competitors offers average ice cream for a more or less reasonable price. I give this ice cream stand three out of five stars because while the custard it offers may not be the best quality, the choices in toppings and mixed in items add flavor and uniqueness necessary. I could see myself returning to Andy’s Frozen Custard in the future for a quick and cold bite.