Cardi B’s unique rise from rags to riches

Belcalis Almanzar, professionally known as Cardi B, has a unique story as her rise to fame is unlike most hip hop rap stars. As a kid Cardi was raised as a tough girl who grew up in the South Bronx of New York City. Her uplifting and outgoing personality transformed her into the performer she is today. Her early career as a dancer and social media star, put her into professional music and so much success as a hip hop artist.

“I first heard of Cardi B in 2015 when she made her first appearance in the reality tv show ‘Love and Hip-Hop’,” sophomore Z’nea Jones said.

This reality T.V. show “Love and Hip Hop” which featured Cardi B for two seasons is where things became to become apparent for her successful career. Then the song Bodak Yellow was released and her breakout fame began. Her music video for Bodak Yellow on YouTube is currently at 200 million views.

“Her popularity shows how it’s possible  to rapidly climb the charts with a breakout song” senior Ryan Longdon said.

Cardi B exponentially climbed the charts as she became the first solo female rapper to reach the number one song in almost twenty years.The last female rapper to have the number one song was Lauryn Hill with the song entitled  Doo Wop.

“I like her rag to riches story, always an underdog,” English teacher, Ami Relf said.  “Now she has the number one song in the country. She started from the bottom now she’s the here.”

Cardi B’s story is one that can intrigue anyone, from near poverty in south Brooklyn, New York City to second female rapper in 19 years to have a song reach number one on the charts.

“I think that just comes to show, in this case other aspiring rappers but really anybody, that if you put your mind to what you want to do in life and really work hard on it you can be the best of the best at what you do and with her doing so,” Jones said.   “This opens up so many doors for aspiring rappers.”

Students at BG realize how big of a accomplishment Cardi B has surpassed for women rappers. According to Longdon the way Cardi made it to the top has to do with what she raps about and how passionate is.

“I am impressed with how she explains her way up to the top, and how she’s different than most other rappers,”  Longdon said.  “I’m especially intrigued with way she explains about her rise to fame”

There are many theories and reasons regarding how Cardi became famous, but only time will tell if Cardi B will remain successful with more number ones. According to Relf, a major factor in her popularity has to do with the personal elements she adds to her songs along with her commentary on where she has come from.  These personal touches may be what will continue to contribute to her success.

“Its personal, she talks about how she got money and got her teeth fixed. How she doesn’t need to do things that she use to do for money,” Relf said.  “So I think, she makes it’s personal. She’s not only enhancing her imagine but also talks about the people she cares about like her mom in her songs, too.”