Fenty Beauty sets new standards for inclusivity within makeup industry


Fenty Beauty was created by Rihanna, a brand with cruelty-free makeup and with a diverse collection of 40 shades of foundation and 20 shades of “skinsticks”, which are magnetized makeup sticks. Immediately following the launch, many of the dark shades were sold out at locations. A month after its release, it was valued at over 72 million dollars in media value.

“I was really happy to see that Rihanna really thought about inclusivity in makeup,” junior CJ Puga said. “She wanted everyone to love the line and wanted to make the products work for a wide range of people. I think Fenty Beauty has proved that darker shades do sell out and I think this will inspire other makeup brands.”

Now that something as substantial as Fenty Beauty has come out, many other makeup brands are following suit. Many popular brands such as L’oreal decided to advertise their selection of shades on Instagram. The standard for makeup has changed and people are wanting more representation in the makeup industry.

“I never understood why there was a lack of selection for darker shades, you can reach a larger amount of people,” senior Kelly Fisher said. “When makeup brands witness the amount of profit gained, they will want to copy them by advertising their own.”

Another reason why Fenty has exploded with profits is because of Rihanna. People know her through music and confidence and recognize that Rihanna truly believes in this brand, and when people see their own values of expression and boldness in her, they connect. She frequently makes bold fashion statements, for example according to Vogue UK, Rihanna had the “most faithful take on the avant garde dress code,” in the 2017 Met Gala. She’s always been a positive icon in media, and she’s influenced people into making them more confident in who they are. Rihanna has said, ““the Fenty Face was created for women of all skin tones, of all personalities.”

“She truly wants to make a difference and wants to do something that’s inspiring,” dance teacher Michelle Carrison said. “You can tell that she doesn’t want to just make money. She wants everyone to feel that this product works for them and she really believes in it.”

When Rihanna was advertising this brand, she put heavy emphasis on how inclusive she wanted this product to be. For the launch, she invited many minorities, such a Jackie Aina, Manny MUA and Hung Vanngo. Also, the brand is also modeled by more people of color than white models.

“I like that she’s constantly trying to appeal to everyone,” Puga said. “The fact that this is her first beauty launch and it’s been so successful is really making her mark on the industry.”

Ultimately, Rihanna meets her goal of making sure every person has options to use to enhance the features of oneself. Makeup is a way to embrace your own beauty and seeing the success of how well Fenty Beauty has been doing, many are one step closer into reaching their full potential in confidence. No matter what sex, gender or race one is, there is something available for everyone.

“Celebrities have a bigger platform to reach more diverse people,” Carrison said. “And what truly matters is that they truly believe in their product and believe in making others look and feel good. It enhances a person so they feel better, it’s not superficial.”