Artist a month: Kehlani

22 year old R&B singer/rapping born April 24, Kehlani Ashley Parrish, has recently been rapidly gaining fame. Originally from Oakland, California, at a young age Kehlani was adopted by her aunt, due to her mother serving prison time while dealing with a drug addiction. When she was just an infant her father passed from a drug overdose.

Kehlani was a young dancer in Julliard School of Dance practicing both ballet and modern dance. She then dealt with a knee injury which lead her to singing/rapping. Kehlani has said her influences are Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott. At age 14 Kehlani joined a pop band: PopLyfe.

2014 is when Kehlani first started to release her mixtapes. Billboard 200 called her Album “You Should Be Here”  “years first great R&B album”. A week after releasing “You Should Be Here” she signed with Atlantic Records and later opened for rapper G-Eazy in his second show on tour.

Rolling Stone named her “10 new Artists you need to know”. She then recorded “Gangsta” which was taken off of her album CRZY and put into the Suicide Squad soundtrack. With Atlantic Record she released the album SweetSexySavage which she currently is on a World Tour with also called SweetSexySavage.

Her music talks about significant others, struggles, sexuality identification and day to day life.

In 2016 Kehlani was in a public relationship with Kyrie Irving. They later privately broke up, PartyNextDoor then posted a picture of Kehlani’s hand on his Instagram. Tweeters were bullying Kehlani as they assumed she was cheating on Kyrie.

Kehlani then attempted suicide, during her hospital stay Kyrie announced they had broken up before the picture was posted. In 2016 Kehlani recovered and began her SweetSexySavage World Tour. Then revealing her new significant other Shania Negron. Her strength by getting through life and putting that into her music. She truly is a gift to the Music Industry.